Wish Hotel: Tips for Coffee on Call

May 23, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Kitty Lynn, Macy Meadows
I know spending time together is important to keep the relationship fresh and passionate. My beautiful Macy Meadows VR star and I thought out a way of doing it. We book a hotel for a few days to escape routine and boredom. When we spend the days at the hotel, we don’t do much besides eating yummy food and satisfying each other’s sexual fantasies. I was relaxing in bed, waiting for the room service to bring fresh coffee, when my gorgeous Macy Meadows decided to tease me a little bit. She was already in the process of sucking my dick when somebody knocked on the door. It turned out that Kitty Lynn VR celeb brought the coffee we had been waiting for so long. Macy Meadows knew she had to give Kitty Lynn a tip, but she had no cash. This is when a kinky thought came into her mind. So, she offered my dick as a tip. I was surprised when Kitty Lynn agreed to take it. So, she joined us in her sexy black Lingerie set that underlined her perfect body perfectly and filled our day with tons of pleasures and orgasms.

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