Nicole Doshi

Nicole Doshi

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States of America
Age: 29 years
Date of Birth: May 12, 1995
Birth Place: Wuhan, China
Height: 5 ft 3 in / 160 cm
Weight: 115 lbs / 52 kg
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Black

Learn how the first Nicole Doshi VR video was made

The story begins some time ago when our bombshell was working at a hotel’s reception. The building was placed up in the snowy mountains and only the richest folk could afford the stay. Inside the hotel, a very sophisticated atmosphere was present everywhere. The job was challenging but rewarding. Nicole had no idea about backstage VR porn, she was yet to discover it. During one snowy evening, a mysterious gent in a suit walked confidently through the main entry. He carried nothing besides a simple black leathered briefcase. “One room, one night” - he said like in a hurry. “Of course” - our girl politely gave him the keys. He looked at it nervously. “No, the number has to be 111” - the man slid the keys back to Nicole. “But the room 111 is already occupied…” - she stated. “Fuck!” - he shouted and kicked the counter. Few other guests who had been comfortably reading the papers before leered at the gent angrily. “Sir, if you will not control your temper, I will have to dismiss you” - the lady said firmly. “You don’t understand. 111 is my lucky number…” “All I can offer is to give you room 112” “Fine!” - he worded and grabbed the keys.

The mysterious man made a strange impression on the future star of Nicole Doshi VR clips

Our hottie also worked as a room service. She went to the gent’s room to offer champagne, but there was no sign of him. Chilly air from the opened window hardened Nicole’s nipples. When she closed it, the gal noticed that the briefcase was open. Inside a pair of goggles and a phone were laying. Our bombshell was known for her curious personality so she put them on. behind the scenes VR clip was introduced to our protagonist in all its glory. She couldn’t help but play with herself on the spot. The climax for sure woke up some of the hotel guests, there was no way to stop her moaning. “What the fuck?” - the gent said. Somehow he was in the room. “Oh my god, sorry!” - Nicole expressed and immediately squirted. “Damn” - the man’s jaw dropped. “That was hot. I’m Bruce by the way” “I am so sorry… I don’t know what I have done…” “It’s alright, love” - the gent stated and our lady took the goggles off. “That is the power of VR threesome” - Bruce smiled.

The gent revealed who he really was. It began the series of events that led to making Nicole Doshi VR porn

“You have entwined yourself in quite a complex scheme, love” - Bruce sat on the bed very close to her. “What are you talking about?” - Nicole asked, startled. “You see, I am a secret agent of the CIA. We want to make these erotic masterpieces available to everyone around the globe. But certain people are against the idea… Now, you will have to help us, dear. We have to make a VR doggy style clip, or we’re all doomed” The girl stood up. “What?!” - she inquired. “But why me?” “You anyway have no choice. You should have not put your nose in other’s business. The fate of the world is in your hands now. And also because you are one of the most stunning ladies I have ever seen in life” - at that moment Nicole noticed that Bruce was handsome. She agreed. They shagged for hours and their bodies danced in carnal ecstasies. After the act, her first reverse cowgirl VR porn was made.

That was not the end of this thrilling story even though Nicole Doshi VR video was already created

“Who opposes your cause?” - our bombshell asked when they were together laying naked in bed. “Mr. Shabinski. I fucking hate the guy” - Bruce answered while taking a hit from a cigarette. “He’s all about this stupid Nofap trend, which is harmful to many. Today, I will finish him” - he put out the cigarette. “There is no need to kill anyone” - Nicole stated. “Let me spend some time with him, I’m sure that he will start fapping after knowing me a little better”. Bruce looked at her seriously. “There is a chance, sweetie. You are gorgeous after all” - the girl giggled. “But if you won’t seduce him in the next two hours, we’ll do things my way” - the agent reloaded his gun. “I will make a VR hardcore clip with him. Don’t you worry” - the cutie worded. Bruce told her that Mr. Shabinki was in room 111. The hottie went inside and noticed a man in a quite pitiful situation. He was doing pushups. “78…79…” - the man was counting in sweat. Nicole approached him and sat on him without even a tiny layer of clothing. “Stop your pointless exercise. Self-improvement is masturbation. If you need to wank that badly, watch Asian VR porn!” - she said and put the goggles on him.

Mr. Shabinski screamed but not in pain. He was joyful. Nicole Doshi VR clips will save you as well

The man’s will broke surprisingly fast. Well, what were we expecting it’s RealJam we are talking about. He was in such an advanced state of fuckstration that he kept cumming and cumming. Our bombshell allowed him to play with her juicy titties and perfect ass. At the same time, Mr. Shabinski was watching an outdoor VR video. When an hour passed Bruce walked in with a loaded gun, but when he saw what was going on he chuckled loudly and said: “Welcome back, old friend!” “You guys are friends?” - Nicole asked in shock. “I think we will be again, now. He was just tempted by his ego to join the dark side. Well, it happens to the best of us!” - and they all laughed. “I don’t know what happened to me” - Shabinski said. “I just stopped jerking it for two weeks and I became some kind of psycho…” We all can learn something from this story. Never restrict yourself from the natural pleasures of VR pool porn or you will end up like Mr. Shabinski. When the videos went viral our beauty became so popular that it was obvious that she should become a pornstar. She followed her passion for lovemaking and nowadays Nicole is a happy and successful individual.

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