Wish Hotel: Clean Up My Pants!

Dec. 27, 2023
60 FPS
Starring: Crystal Rush, Mia James

In this Crystal Rush and Mia James VR clip you are unpatiently waiting for them to clean up the mess you’ve made. When they come, what will you do?

There are times in life when one is especially tired. Today you had so much work and this constant change of hotels… It’s exhausting. Finally, you found a moment to relax. But because of your fatigue, you spilled the water all over yourself. That sucks and the fact that the room service hasn’t shown up yet made you even more irritated. After a prolonged time, you heard a gentle knock on the door. Something changed at that moment because two cute maids VR girls were inside your hotel room. They apologized, but you just couldn't forgive them - not today. One of them offered a blowjob. You agreed. The pleasure received was the highest point of your life. Another chick licked your balls with astonishing technique. You just couldn’t believe how lucky you were.

Shitty day turned into Crystal Rush and Mia James VR porn marathon

Even God himself couldn’t believe how happy you’ve become. That’s what I am talking about - life is about innocent gestures of kindness. The girls weren’t able to ignore their fault. They have decided to offer their agile and shapely bodies as a recompensate. Immediately you felt better and all your worries were coming away. But love is not just about receiving. One gets equal pleasure when one gives as well. Because of the stated fact, you decided to make them come from your own tongue. You wanted to give them the best orgasm of their lives. And indeed, you’ve succeeded. The dance of shaking bodies in an erotic playground was solid proof of that. I bet you didn’t even imagine that such a level of delight is possible with the simple act of indulging in pussy licking VR porn. Now, you don’t need to wonder anymore. It was the best experience of your life. Nothing surprising that you decided to repeat the process again and again, just because you can.

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