Charlotte Sins

Charlotte Sins

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States of America
Age: 27 years
Date of Birth: Aug. 15, 1996
Birth Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Height: 5 ft 9 in / 175 cm
Weight: 119 lbs / 54 kg
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Brunette
Piercing: 2 at navel; left nipple; right nipple
Tattoo: Right triceps; Left lower arm; Script on back of right shoulder

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This inspiring story starts some time ago when our girl was at college. Sure, that period is important in terms of studying and acquiring new skills. But let’s be honest for a while, college is mostly about shagging. At that time Charlotte started to discover her sensuality. Actually, she had never touched herself before because of her catholic upbringing, but then the young lady was more willing to experiment with her agile body. When alone, she drew the blinds and decided to explore her new feminine side. The girl jumped on the bed and prepared the most comfortable cushion. With excitement, hottie’s hand slipped into her wet panties. On the side, she played some backstage VR porn. Chick started to shake from anticipation. The bed was becoming wet as well from the babe’s fruitful juices. She couldn’t help it and started to moan in pleasure. The train almost left the station, the big moment was getting closer and closer. And then, all of a sudden it happened. “Oh my fucking God!” - she shouted while squirting. It felt like something possessed her - some incredible force that she kept closed in a jar for way too long.

Future Charlotte Sins VR pornstar sinned and the consequences of the act were yet to come

The young lady smiled in relief. She couldn't believe that so much rapture was hidden between her legs. Relaxed babe sighed and got up from bed. After the fun she had to clean up the mess she made. But something was off. Charlotte could feel someone gazing at her. She turned around and to her horror, two people were standing at the entry to the room. She forgot to lock the door! The hottie quickly stopped behind the scenes VR video and then tried to explain herself. Her roommate and boyfriend were a little uncomfortable but they laughed it off. Our girl felt very guilty though. Charlotte thought that she betrayed her Lord. After apologizing, hottie ran away in tears. In the bathroom, babe cried and cried. The handsome guy heard our girl. He went into the lady's room and asked what happened. She explained her story because there was no one else to talk to. While telling the story Charlotte experienced so much shame that it was hard to speak sometimes. The hot guy put his hand on her shoulder. "Oh, don't you worry honey, it happens to the best of us!” - he said. But the girl didn’t listen. “I will never watch anal VR porn again” - the hottie stated and tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. It was a very heartbreaking promise. “But porn is the best”! - the guy objected. “Leave me alone you perv!” - she screamed and went away.

It’s hard to believe, that later Charlotte Sins VR clips were a thing

Every story has its good and bad moments. The story of our hottie is no different. Her first masturbation was the last one, at least it seemed so. Awakened sexuality was not compassionate enough to leave the sweet girl alone. Many times she would wake up in the middle of the night with the craving to watch lesbian VR videos. But Charlotte was a strong person with a lot of willpower. Her desires were left unfulfilled within the depths of her tormented psyche. Every day was an inner battle where even a minor slip could lead to defeat. Because of that her grades got worse. It was challenging to focus on the lectures at college. Our hottie became quite an unhappy individual and her relationships suffered. It felt that the babe is not able to be herself nor is she able to enjoy life in general. When everyone else was partying and having fun Charlotte cried alone in her room dying to indulge in some threesome VR porn. But the hope was rising far on the horizon.

Thankfully, an interesting coincidence made Charlotte Sins VR porn possible

On the path of our beauty, a mysterious man showed up. It was not known whether it was destiny or just an accident, but that he changed her life forever. A gentleman was a tantric - a man on a path to spiritual liberation. Luckily, they run into each other on the street. Normally Charlotte would ignore some random fellow but there was something about him. His aura of peace and compassionate understanding showered on a poor girl. They went to talk to a nearby coffeehouse. For some strange reason, the hottie felt safe in the presence of that tantric, so she confessed herself. Babe explained what was troubling her for such a long time. The mysterious man laughed and said: “You should not worry that much. At the end of the day you are a young and beautiful lady with natural desires. I don’t think that some interactive VR porn has hurt anybody ever”. After finishing his coffee, the tantric said goodbye and left. She never saw him again but the girl kept this short conversation forever in her heart.

You will not believe how the first Charlotte Sins VR video has been created

And now we come to the end of this inspiring tale. The first thing our hottie did after she was back at her place was… Yes, you guessed right. The babe enjoyed her body and enjoyed it thoroughly with the help American VR clip. She didn’t even care that there were others in her room. Charlotte was so happy and so thrilled that it didn't matter so much. After experiencing a full-body orgasm the audience was speechless. No one was brave enough to break the silence accompanied by a hot girl cooling down. After a prolonged while one guy asked: “Could you please do that again?”. She looked at him intrigued and smiled seductively. “Wait!” - another viewer said. “I’ve got a camera. Maybe we’ll shoot some hardcore VR video?” Charlotte bit her lip and nodded in acceptance. “Fuck yeah, let’s do it!” - she thought. And they did it. All of them couldn’t believe how much pleasure it gave them. It was a beautiful moment indeed. Shortly after the video went viral the babe signed a contract with RealJam. The moral of the story is - instead of fighting with your carnal desires enjoy them!

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