Maria Kazi

Maria Kazi

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States of America
Age: 20 years
Date of Birth: Sept. 23, 2003
Birth Place: California, United States
Height: 5 ft 3 in / 160 cm
Weight: 110 lbs / 50 kg
Eyes color: Blue
Hair color: Blond
Piercing: Left nostril; Navel

Did you know that Maria Kazi VR porn star was in space?

Our hottie decided to pursue every child’s dream - to become an astronaut. Achieving this goal wasn’t easy though. Lots of learning, constant pressure to have excellent marks at school… The list goes on. But it wasn’t the hardest part. You see, Maria has always been a very sexually naughty girl and she continues to be to this very day. During the finals, she snuck her phone to watch some english speech VR porn. She finished the test before every other student anyway, so there was some time to spare. Her burning desires continued to haunt her throughout her whole journey to fulfill a dream of a little girl that she kept inside her heart. Our babe never wanted to lose contact with the inner child, that’s why she was persistent in pursuing her mission to visit the international space station. One day, Maria committed herself to celibacy to limit the risk of failure. She needed to prioritize her goal above everything else, at least it felt like that. There was lots of work to do and it required an enormous amount of focus and determination. After our ambitious cutie finished college, finally the time came to manifest her dream. But still, the thought of watching some American VR porn kept popping up on the most unexpected occasions.

Hard work fructified as we can see in Maria Kazi VR videos. Or it just seemed so…

Because of her great grades and recommendation from college, NASA accepted our hottie with arms open. She was excited to go through rigorous astronaut training. Of course, this talented girl stood out from other future spacemans. She passed the tutoring remarkably and later tutors chose her along with other lucky three women for the next ISS mission. Something strange happened though. The moment she heard the good news, Maria became very turned on. Female juices flushed her panties and the babe came like a rocket in front of everyone else, including her mentors. While in climax the thought of a petite / slim VR scene flashed her mind. Others noticed that but decided to ignore it. Even one of the instructors felt funny in his pants when he saw our babe shaking in ecstatic joy. Maria apologized to everyone and went to the toilet to gain her composure back. NASA director who had just ejaculated himself at the nearby men's bathroom, knocked on the door to the lady's room. “We liked what you did back there” - he stated with a massive boner which was hard to hide. - “I’d pay to watch stuff like that” - after saying it, he left. Our babe was confused. Another drop of her liquid desire rolled on the inside of her thigh.

A quick chat with a NASA director was the beginning of Maria Kazi VR porn

“Maybe I should become a pornstar?” - hottie thought. “Nah, I’d be better in space. I will be free from the world's problems and my own dirty cravings!". She didn't even know how wrong that statement was. But so much was going on - Maria was about to become an active astronaut. Our babe packed herself and left for the spacecraft. For some reason, she took many sex toys, like dildos and vibrators. When the girl realized what she had done, it was already too late to come back and leave “unnecessary distractions” at her place. A mental image of family role play VR porn flashed in front of Maria’s pretty eyes, and she was wet again. Our hottie gritted her teeth and went inside the space shuttle. 3…2…1… Lift off! The moment the rocket came off the ground, our babe came as well. Again she got unwanted attention. When they arrived at the International Space Station, something was up in the air. Maria felt that everyone was a little tense and irritated. She had no idea why.

Before Maria Kazi VR videos were a thing, our hottie was eager to discover the reason of uncomfortable tension on the space station

She snuck out of a cringy conversation and went to some empty room to think. “Why are they so tense? They are space people, space people should be cool” - her mind kept wandering. Then, our babe’s natural tits started to bounce strangely. Boobs indeed behave in an interesting manner while in a state of weightlessness. No surprise it turned her on. When she started watching her favorite stepsister VR video, someone interrupted the sensual act by knocking on the metallic hatch. “I have something to confess” - to her biggest surprise, the NASA director showed up, the same guy she spoke with near the toilet. “We never told you the real purpose of this mission. This expedition is S.F.M, which stands for: Space Fuck Mission”. That was a real plot twist for her. The boss smiled mysteriously. “Come to us when you’re ready. We all want to have some fun in space, we’re tired of this scientific bullshit. We can even record some doggy style VR porn. We are all counting on you” - the men left and flew through the corridor to the rest of the gang. Maria was shocked, but also very happy.

Shooting the first Maria Kazi VR porn clip made her realize that life is good

Hottie giggled at her stupidity. This whole time she was trying to repress her natural instincts for no good reason! That’s what catholic upbringing does to a person - one becomes incapable of enjoying life and considers a sin every little thing. Maria discovered that the time spent pursuing her childish dream would have been more pleasant if she had been easier on herself. One can study for some time and then watch an interactive VR porn. After that kind of pleasant break, one’s brain is more plastic and it’s easier to learn. When she realized all that, our gorge joined the Space Fuck Mission. It came to light that astronauts had been irritated because of strong sexual tension. All of them had so much fun exploring each other's bodies. You can’t even imagine how it feels to make love in a spacesuit! But Maria didn’t have to imagine it anymore. She squirted lavishly and her juices froze in an interesting shape resembling the tree of life. Now, our girl is a full-time porn actress. Since she fulfilled her biggest dream and became happy there was only one thing to do - to share the joy with others. Grab a piece of it by watching Maria’s handy VR clip. You won’t regret it, I promise!

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