Crystal Rush

Crystal Rush

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States
Age: 35 years
Date of Birth: Oct. 5, 1988
Birth Place: Russia
Height: 5 ft 3 in / 160 cm
Weight: 112 lbs / 51 kg
Bust: 34C
Waist: 24
Hips: 36
Hair color: Brunette
Piercing: yes
Tattoo: yes
Fake Boobs: Yes

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I think we all can agree with the presented statement. Those rapturous moments spent with this hottie give me a hard-on just when I recall them in my mind. But you might be wondering: “How it all started? What is the story? How it happened that I can enjoy the heavenly shapes of that girl in American VR porn?”. It’s not a sin that you asked. In fact, this tale might even increase the pleasure that comes from indulging in those pieces of erotic art. I know it sounds unbelievable - the sensual delights received are already bewildering, the bar is set too high. But if I have learned one thing from my own journey with RealJam cuties, it is that the carnal ecstasies are limitless. It’s like falling into a bottomless pit because there is no end to the gratification. Around the corner, new jollies are hiding and waiting for you to discover them. That’s why you should give this short story a try. Beware that having a wood while reading it is inevitable - that is the very nature of this inspiring tale. So before you play your favorite big clit VR scene, take a look at it!

Our story starts in the northern part of England, where our bombshell was a soccer player. Crystal Rush VR porn wasn’t yet a thing at that time…

The whistle sound rang in Crystal’s ears. “You are too slow!” - the gaffer shouted at her during the dribbling training. “What’s wrong, honey? We are going to lose if you are going to be this unhurried” - the man stated. The lady had an important role of a striker on the field. She was playing at a prestigious club, but something was restricting her full potential. “I’m doing my best, boss” - the lassie answered. The gaffer ran up to her. “Let’s take a break. We will talk in the locker room” - he spoke and led the way. Inside the room the man began to talk: “Have you ever watched a big tits VR clip? - the gaffer asked. “No, I have not” - our cutie answered honestly. “I think you should. This will be your homework. Enough training for today” - then he placed his hand on her shoulder and said the wisest thing Crystal ever heard. “Sometimes you have to jerk it until you make it”.

When our future star of Crystal Rush VR videos came back home, she decided to listen to the trainer

The beauty drew the blinds and lit some candles. The atmosphere is very important in these kinds of experiences. But even more important is one’s VR set. Fortunately, the gaffer thoughtfully gifted her this piece of modern technology. Crystal put the goggles on and immediately she was taken to a different, delightful world of VR Russian porn. Hotness of the moment was so intense that her panties were dripping in desire. Our babe’s hand, by itself it seemed, slipped down, and the orgasmic joy began. She started to moan and shiver in pleasure to climax like Goddess Parvati herself during intercourse with Lord Shiva. Something broke within Crystal and she was sobbing - it was a cathartic, spiritual event. The girl repeated the act a few more times. Every frenzy was more powerful than the last one. This happening forever changed our hottie’s life. Surprising but a known sense of confidence and playfulness filled her to the core. On the next training days, she was quick like a bolt and dominant like thunder. Even the teammates felt a little intimidated by her presence. That is the power of interactive VR clips.

The big day of the match came. It was also the time when the first Crystal Rush VR porn was made

“Bloody arseholes!” - said the gaffer looking at the opposite team. “They all are men!” - he screamed and threw his cap on the ground. “It’s supposed to be a goddamn female championship! For fuck’s sake!” - the man spitted on the ground. “We are doomed…” - the trainer spoke resignedly. “Don’t you worry boss” - our bombshell began the speech. Just her aura was lifting the spirits of the team. “All of you, scumbags! Since when are women worse than men? Since when dicks are better than warm pussies? Without us, men can go to hell… They need us! So let’s use our natural advantages! Let’s play the game completely naked!”. All teammates started to cheer and each girl took off her clothes. Female teams ran on the battlefield and they remained undefeated. Guys just could do nothing - they played with boners and weren’t able to resist the temptation to appreciate round tits bouncing with every step of those beautiful gals. They won 9:0. Seven goals were scored by our mentally transformed hottie. You see, the benefits of indulging in group VR videos are not only for you. Your closest ones also will be aided in daily life struggles.

Here comes the part you were waiting for. Learn how Crystal Rush VR clip was created.

After the victory, teammates went to a party to celebrate. In the beginning, it didn’t look like it but later everyone started to shag. The gaffer was in heaven, our cutie wasn’t around him though. He was quite upset about it. In the end, it was him who showed her miraculous pussy licking VR porn. Time passed and finally, our Goddess approached him. “I have a surprise for you, boss” - she whispered seductively. They both went to a separate room to get some privacy. And guess what happened? They made love. Their bodies danced in an erotic rhythm accompanied by the tones of their sensual gasps and moans. “Wait… Wait a minute, girl” - he said. “I’m about to finish… Maybe let’s record it on camera?”. Crystal bit her lip and nodded in agreement. The video went viral and soon she became a pornstar. Our beauty enjoyed being a soccer player, but after tasting the liberating joys of English speech VR videos there was no going back. After all, there is a saying: “When you do what you love for a living, you will not work in your life”. Yes, you can jerk off now.

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