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How does we use cookies?

We may use cookies to remember personal settings you have chosen at our website but in no other context do we use cookies to collect information that identifies you personally.

The cookies used in are only associated with an anonymous user and computer, do not provide references that allow the user name and nor can read data off your hard disk or infect your computer with viruses in their texts. Also, can’t read cookies implanted in the user’s hard disk from other servers.

Cookies have expiry date and most of the cookies we set are automatically deleted from your computer when you leave our website or shortly afterwards. Complete information about the cookies that may be set when you visit our website can be found below.

  • Cookie name: Google Analytics.
    Purpose: Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc, sets a cookie in order to evaluate use of those services and compile a report for us.
  • Cookie name: RealJamVR user data
    Purpose: User registration.

How can I control cookies?

The user can decide whether or not the introduction to your hard drive of the cookies used in In this regard, if you don’t want to receive cookies, you can modify your browser so that it notifies you when cookies are sent to it or you can refuse cookies altogether. You can also delete cookies that have already been set.

Thus, if you wish to restrict or block web browser cookies which are set on your device then you can do this through your browser settings: the Help function within your browser should tell you how.

Even when users configure your browser to refuse all cookies or expressly reject cookies can browse the portal with the downside of not being able to enjoy the functionality of the Website that require the installation of any of them.