Your Birthday with Delilah Day

Jan. 7, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Delilah Day

Birthday in Delilah Day VR porn will be… unforgettable, you’ve got my word for that

It’s high time to unwind, my horny fellow. In the end, it is your birthday party. And today, your friends have prepared a truly… special gift for you. No more watches, ties or other shit like that. Nope. This time, they cut to the chase, finding the ultimate way to celebrate this unique day. They invited lovely Delilah Day to your apartment. What are you going to do there? Well… I don’t want to spill the beans right away, but… I guess you can come up with some ideas. Actually, the truth is that Delilah will carry out any assignment that you tell her. So you can play cards together or… engage in something a bit spicier - like American VR porn, for instance. Needless to say, the choice belongs utterly to you. Hence, what are you up to, boy? Don’t waver with the decision for too long. Delilah is getting pretty impatient.

No matter how tedious your previous birthday parties were, the one in the Delilah Day VR scene is going to… deviate from that pattern

As I have already mentioned, it is close to impossible to get bored with this pretty ginger girl. I bet you can already feel in your bones that today’s evening will be… slightly distinctive from what your little soldier down there is accustomed to. I am pretty sure you can notice in the eyes of this gorge that the previously mentioned “playing cards” is out of the question. Delilah wants… something more from you. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you caught her red-handed taking your underwear off. The thing is that she’s hungry. And since there is no cake around… She must satisfy herself with something else - hardcore VR porn videos are perfect to satiate such type of appetite.

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