Natasha Nice

Natasha Nice

Gender: Female
City and Country: San Francisco, US
Age: 35 years
Date of Birth: July 28, 1988
Birth Place: Fontenay Sous-Bois, France
Height: 5 ft 2 in / 157 cm
Weight: 115 lbs / 52 kg
Piercing: Yes

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Sorry, this word game of mine might look a bit silly but I simply couldn’t resist the temptation. After all, just take a look at the pretty face of our lovely Natasha. Isn’t it... nice? Okay, okay, I will stop. No one gathered here for jokes, right? No, of course not. We were summoned here in order to discuss something much more significant than that. Today’s topic is - why the hell are all the big tits VR porn videos so freaking hot? Man, I can already tell you something - it will take us a longer while before we explain it. In the end, the subject is... complex, to say at least. And by no means is it simple to showcase to you all the causes for such a staggering success of this kitten. Have you seen how many English Speech VR clips with this gorge we have already created? It speaks volumes about her talent and unique aptitudes. So, without further beating about the bush, let’s dive deep into the secrets of this gorge. Señores, are you ready? Vamos!

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As in most cases, this gorge couldn’t predict where fortune would eventually lead her. At first, Natasha desired to become a... policewoman. I know, I know. It might be unanticipated, considering the looks of this gorge (it seems as if she was created for her current profession) but little Natasha didn’t realise her true potential. This sweet babe wanted to be a good person and help other people. Although her colleagues tried to dissuade her from the chosen path (especially the male part), she stuck to her guns. Whether they liked it or not, Natasha would become a police officer. End of story. At that moment, the thought of starring in handy VR porn videos didn’t even cross her mind. And so, she... okay, okay. I won’t bore you with the details. To make a long story short, Natasha got the job she wanted. But from the very early on something seemed... off. Why? Let me explain.

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I would even say - welcome to the club! Looking at this gorge is a paramount experience for your eyes - not to mention banging her in our virtual reality clips... yet, that’s not for now. Let’s go back to the story, shall we? Because, you see, fellas - instead of helping other people, Natasha Nice caused real uproars in their lives. Chaos, true chaos. You can imagine her in the police uniform, with her huge titties barely fitting in there (each breath entailed major difficulties) standing next to the road. Man - as soon as she hit the street, the rate of accidents on the highway skyrocketed. People either hit the break all of a sudden when they saw her or kept driving with their gaze far away from the road... It was wild, similar to what you can see in her titty fuck VR scenes nowadays - that is everything I can say about it. The traffic jams caused by the advent of this chick were massive. I am pretty sure you have never seen anything like it before in your life. Instead of focusing on driving, guys would stare through the windows at the stunning titties of our police officer. Once the traffic on the highway in the middle of a day simply ceased. In the end, why the hell would you drive a car if you can start jerking off? It goes without saying that she was fired eventually. By the governor himself, as her colleagues... were simply unable to do it.

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Your soul will be tainted with sin as soon as this girl is finished with you, cowboy. You can believe my words or scoff at me - I don’t care. Not to the slightest degree. In the end, the result will be the same despite how you react. Your cock will become a fountain of „white chocolate” if you pardon me the phrase. Natasha Nice always makes her point of making her sexual partners cum in the most delightful and sophisticated way they have ever seen. To be completely honest with you, it is her hallmark. One thing for sure - you will not forget a single second of indulgence in the doggy style VR clips with this gorge. Not a single one. After all, can’t you feel how your cock is reacting right now to the presence of this gorge? Needless to say, that’s only the beginning.

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Undo your zipper, of course. Unless you want to have it torn apart by the uprising that will inevitably happen if you don’t let your little soldier see this gorge with his own „eyes”. Your piece of equipment needs the company of this delightful babe more than you think. Her fragrance is titillating him, her voice... like music to his ears. Her pussy... Okay, I can’t find anything comparable to this one. Ambrosia? Heaven? Paradise? The promised land? I think all of those apply perfectly, yet being understatements at the same time. It seems as if visiting the tight „cave” of Natasha Nice was your destiny. Thus, put on your virtual reality headset, my intrepid explorer, and enter it bravely! As soon as you do it, you will immediately grasp that there is much more to reverse cowgirl VR clips than meets the eye. Have courage - it is critical if you wish to succeed in the voyage of yours.

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