When the Wife is Away

June 21, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Scarlet Skies
I spent the day at home, waiting for my wife to return. When somebody knocked on the door, I thought it was my dear lady, but I made a huge mistake. It turned out, that her Redhead friend, Scarlet Skies VR ginger celeb searched for my wife because she wanted to discuss something with her. I invited Scarlet Skies to enter the house and wait for my wife in the living room without any dirty thoughts, but, as it turned out, she had some sexual fantasies in her kinky mind. I don’t know if she wanted to discuss something with my wife, but she wanted to have some fun with me. Very soon, Scarlet Skies kneeled to deepthroat my dick, and she coped with her task. As she was a Slim cutie, it was easy to twist and turn her on my dick. I enjoyed her sweet pussy rubbing my cock in cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl positions and, finally, finished the action in a doggy-style sex game. I hope my wife’s friend will come to our house again, maybe more than once.

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