Lexi Lore

Lexi Lore

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States of America
Age: 25 years
Date of Birth: Oct. 30, 1998
Birth Place: Richmond, Virginia, United States
Height: 5 ft 5 in / 165 cm
Weight: 99 lbs / 45 kg
Eyes color: Brown
Piercing: Right nostril; Nipples; Navel
Tattoo: Globe on left bicep; Sunflower on left shoulder blade

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Repress your kinky site no more. I know all this nonsense that society is telling you on a daily basis - to escape from your inner beast, suppress your inmost desires, pretend to be someone else. My question, though, is - what for? What the hell for? Especially, if such a chick as Lexi Lore is kneeling right in front of your throbbing shaft, imploring you with her eyes to suck it dry. Born in the United States of America this tantalizing hottie was destined for the adult entertainment industry. Basically speaking, there was no other path for her to follow. In the end, can you conceive of such a beauty doing some mundane paperwork? Particularly when you consider that she stands at cute 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) and weighs charming 99lbs (45 kg). Needless to say, that makes her a perfect banging material. Why? Just think for a second. When you are confronted with such a petite VR cutie, you can lift her and take her anywhere. My shaft is tenting already. What about yours, my lecherous reader? Ready for the sexual oblivion? I am pretty sure Lexi will devour the very last drop of your delicious nectar once she is done with your piece of equipment.

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As a 25-year-old this chick is a definition of what we call on RealJamVR “voluptuosity”. This eager kitten is afraid of nothing. Lexi is so incredibly willing. Doesn’t matter whether you are in the mood for some BDSM VR sort of scenario or, perhaps, something more vanilla - she will do anything just to please you. This darling was taught from the very beginning of her career in the adult entertainment industry to do anything it takes to caress her partner’s shaft appropriately. It goes without saying that this is precisely what she is after here. We are leaving you in good hands, cowboy. Okay, okay. I know. Saying “good” is a huge understatement here given the aptitudes of this youngster. Thanks to her infinite energy your heart will think you are on a roller coaster, not inside the stepdaughter VR scenario. No wonder. With such a singular talent and singular charisma, this chick is a quintessence of intensity. Waver not, my friend. A bright future is awaiting you… as long as you include our Lexi in it.

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We all know this feeling. Sooner or later, every single man gets in. Doesn’t matter whether you are a successful entrepreneur or some random Joe. What am I talking about? Boner. Yes, that’s it. Our old friend boner. To tell you the truth, Lexi Lore knows its nature better than many owners of the cocks. No wonder - she’s spent most of her adult life having very intimate content with them. One might say it has almost become her comfort zone. Without a dick next to her this babe feels as if something was off. Obviously, you can’t allow such a thing to happen. Why wouldn’t you share the willy of yours with this desperate lass, huh? Her family role play VR porn clips are the perfect opportunity for both of you. Waiting for something? What, a miracle? It has already happened. Come, my friend, come. Show this cutie what the art of fellatio is truly all about.

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As oftentimes - the utmost dedication to the cause. I once read that taking responsibility is a definition of adulthood. That is precisely what you can expect from this chick - still as a young lass, this chick realised what a great duty lies in having such a singular body. Make no mistake - although still innocent Lexi was perfectly aware of all these stares she was getting from everyone around her. Thus, when the time was ripe she had no doubts - conquering the doggy style VR porn business was her mission. Needless to say, as soon as she appeared in this branch of the industry she took it by storm. This chick showed no mercy for her mediocre colleagues. I once heard that teachers who don’t care about their jobs are committing true atrocity by squandering the potential of young minds. Lexi thought exactly the same way of her lazy colleagues. She didn’t show any form of respect for those of them who took lightly their responsibilities for the male shafts. Thus, by choosing Lexi for your night companion you are guaranteed one particular thing - that your little soldier down there will never be let down. After all, that is one of the worst crimes one can think of - at least according to this gorge.

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This chick is after something refreshing. She craves innovation. No wonder all of her creations for RealJamVR are considered groundbreaking. What is so particular about them? Lexi’s approach towards your throbbing piece of glory. She doesn’t look at it merely as a cock. Nope. She treats it like a divine creature which stepped down from heaven to planet Earth, paying us a visit. The legend says that people came up with yoga in the first place because they wished to learn how to prolong the divine state which orgasm gives us. If you follow this line of logic, you might call our Lexi a prominent yogi. It made me think - aren’t most of the babes you can find here yogis as well? Notwithstanding the answer, this chick will distinguish herself from them anyway. Many BJ’s connoisseurs deem her as the unrivalled fellatio master. If you have any doubts regarding this honourable title, just pay a close visit to her interactive VR clips and check it out firsthand. One thing I can say without spoiling the fun is this - you will be left speechless. As always on this site.

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