Tips for The Pizza Guy

Nov. 21, 2022
60 FPS
Starring: Emma Jade, Josie Tucker

Emma Jade and Josie Tucker VR porn show that some girls like to take any chance to have a quick threesome.

The money recently was short, so you had to take any job that was available locally. Luckily, the pizzeria nearby needed a guy to deliver food. As dull as it sounds, it turned out to be the best experience of your life when the two cuties – Emma and Josie decided to order a pizza. What you did not expect, though, is that these two hardcore VR porn actresses have a special tip for you. And that was not only sucking the tip of your cock, but also having a whole threesome together. In the moment in which you acknowledged what those babes wanted, your dick was harder than a stone. Thus, both of them were quickly being fucked, while their round ass cheeks bounced in the rhythm of your dick slapping them hard.

With Emma Jade VR and Josie Tucker VR porn you are not going to be bored, even while working.

Although it was an average working time, you had a chance to bang the two sex goddesses at once. They even paid you for that! What was the best about that unexpected threesome was that the girls were wetter than any girl you had before. Sliding your cock into their pussies was so pleasurable for them that the moans were heard on the other story of that building. But man, that sex was so worth it that it was hard to stand up after it all ended. This Missionary VR porn proves that two girls will always satisfy a man more than once, and in this case, Emma and Josie are unusually horny. Prepare your dick for a hard time. Make it stronger than it ever was, and show the girls how pizza guy fucks.

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