Stretching with Two Hotties

Feb. 20, 2023
60 FPS
Starring: Gizelle Blanco, Kay Lovely

Gizelle Blanco and Kay Lovely VR porn will show you the magic of combining yoga with hardcore sex.

When you are in the yoga group that has two bisexual hotties, it is not an easy task to not be complicated. Seeing them bend down, stretch and crawl, shoving their perfect butts into the air and jiggling with their boobies works just like a rag to a bull. This time though, they noticed that your dick wants to get out of the uncomfortable zone of the tight pants. That is when the action of this Threesome VR porn starts. Gizelle and Kay were kind enough to care for that boner, so they started playing with it a bit. Starting from a quick handjob and a double blowjob, finishing on the full intercourse, where you had a chance to get a taste of both, tight pussies was just a perfect ending for that training. I bet that you can’t wait for the next one!

In Gizelle Blanco VR and Kay Lovely VR scene, yoga class goes way more sexual than it was planned.

This may seem like a dream, but in reality, it does come true. Two cuties that love to take care of their bodies will help you get that sexual gratification after training. This Trimmed Pussy VR video showcases girls that are not only shaved but also incredibly horny and ready to act upon that. As a lucky member of that class, you will get a chance to make sure that those bisexual hotties are happier than usual. With your semen in their mouth, hair, and skin, they may go home and talk about how excellent that training was. Of course, it was because of your help with cardio after the main yoga session. Fucking Gizelle and Kay are simply fabulous!

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