Lulu Chu

Lulu Chu

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States of America
Age: 22 years
Date of Birth: Sept. 30, 2001
Birth Place: Wuhan, Hubei, China
Height: 4 ft 11 in / 149 cm
Weight: 99 lbs / 45 kg

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From what I’ve seen, currently, our lovely Lulu ranks as 50 on pornhub - being just 22 years old. Impressive, huh? Sure, it is. It doesn’t surprise me, though - a few seconds of glancing at this kitten should make it obvious why that’s the case. This petite body… innocent smile… flame of lust flaring in her eyes - please, tell me - how can a healthy guy resist such a bombshell? To me, it sounds infeasible - to say the least. Het stats speak for themselves - weighing only 41 kg and standing at 145 cm, Lulu is a perfect material for banging. No wonder one of our vids is called “Lulu Chu as a birthday gift” - no matter who’s the receiver and whether he’s into small tits VR videos or not, you are guaranteed he will be content. Such generous gifts cannot be forgotten… However, there is a dark side to this chick… whenever we are talking about such a striking success at such a young age, we must remember one dirty secret of those people - workaholism. Let’s delve into it right now, without any further ado.

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