Your Teacher Kenna James

June 25, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Kenna James
I had to stay in the detention class that day. I know it’s a shame to stay in school after classes while others go home or hang out with friends. You can imagine I was really angry and pissed off and simply had to have some fun in the detention class. Luckily, I found a way to entertain myself while waiting to get out of the building. I turned on my phone and found a spicy video to satisfy my sexual desires. I think I got too involved in the process and started caressing myself through the pants. Sure, my teacher, Kenna James VR super blonde, saw me doing so. I thought I was doomed, and I thought she would make me stay for another day, but she surprised me. She told me she understood I had needs and desires, and that there was a real storm of hormones in my body. She also noted that porn movies don’t help much to achieve the goal and that only a woman can give me enough orgasms. My stunning Blonde teacher lifted her skirt and opened her Shaved Pussy so I could explore. She kneeled to suck my dick and prepare me for the best detention class in my life.

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