Erogenous Zones of Jenna Fireworks

July 8, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Jenna Fireworks
My beautiful Jenna Fireworks VR star knows I love surprises. She often surprises me and brightens my days. When she told me she had another surprise, I hoped for a yummy dinner or a romantic walk in the park, but she exceeded my expectations. She knew I had craved diving deep into her asshole for some time already, but Jenna Fireworks kept telling me she wasn’t ready for that. That day, she told me she wanted to play a game. She offered me to guess her hottest place that craved my dick. Sure, I thought it was her lips because she was good at giving Blowjobs, then I thought it was her tits because I loved squeezing and kissing them and sucking her nipples. Finally, Jenna Fireworks gave me the last hint. She lifted her dress, turned around, and shoved her ass right into my face. Oh, that was a fantastic surprise. Naughty Jenna Fireworks even stretched her asshole with a fat sex toy to ease diving into her tight hole for me. I was so amazed that I even didn’t know what to say but did everything to give Jenna Fireworks the brightest Anal orgasm, hoping she would love to repeat the experience again and again.

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