Student's Summer Party

Sept. 23, 2021
60 FPS
Starring: Emily Ross, Linda Leclair

Emily Ross and Linda Leclair VR porn will bring you to the next level of pleasure.

When you have two college girls in the summer, you can easily guess how this end will be. Both have their young bodies filled with the intense craving for a man’s crotch. As you know, young and sexy babes do not have a problem finding a guy who would like to bone them up. Exactly that thing happens in this porn video – both Emily and Linda end up being fucked by the same lucky fella, who appears to be you. So do not let them down and show them how we do all the sex things in the missionary VR clips. Your dick will be sucked dry in the same moment, in which girls get their pleasure, so do not hesitate to show them what you prepared for them and let them experiment on your body! Each party involved will not regret anything.

When Linda Leclair and Emily Ross VR scenes are on, everyone is horny.

It is a simple equation – when these two chicks appear, guys get insanely horny. Why? Well, just imagine yourself with two babes that are ready to bang at any given moment. That perspective should clear up your thoughts about why it is so sexy. Yet, being in the Interactive VR porn has brought fame to them. That fame has summoned one with a huge cock – you. You have to show them how it is done, and how they test their sexual waters on you makes this situation even hotter. Those angels are going to make you cum with the unmatched force. Watch out not to destroy one of them by accident! It will be a day to remember forever – Trust me. Your dick has never experienced such tightness, doubled up.

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