Lola Myluv

Lola Myluv

Gender: Female
City and Country: Czech Republic
Age: 36 years
Date of Birth: Feb. 19, 1988
Height: 5 ft 3 in / 160 cm
Weight: 101 lbs / 46 kg
Bust: 2
Waist: 23
Hips: 35

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Our biggest hindrance with perceiving reality, fellows, is that we do it through severely limiting lenses. In other words, instead of looking directly at everything, the experience as a whole, we are immersed in the realm of thought. Only from there do we leave to the outside world, never really seeing it as it is - since the fragmentation of thought itself inevitably brings the fragmentation to everything it meets on its path. However… a few seconds with the big clit VR scenes with our Lola Myluv will suffice to wake you up from this nightmare. For most of us in modern society, our own minds are our own undoing. We tend to separate ourselves from everything, creating the fictitious entity called ego, which is only concerned with itself, genuinely believing it is the center of the world. Needless to say, that is a fallacious assumption. And a very injurious one - not only for yourself but also for the society as a whole. Therefore, chill out for a moment and let our tantalizing Lola work her wonders - it will be worth it, trust my words.

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That’s pretty simple, isn’t it? I presume it doesn’t take a genius to understand the connection between those 2 things. Think for a second, okay - what are you left with when the family role play VR scenes with Lola Myluv aren’t included in your daily routine? Working, eating, paying taxes, and, of course - let’s not forget about the elephant in the room - thinking. You can indulge in the latter for long hours, trying to delve into the secrets of the universe through the limited lenses of your mind. Nah, drop it. It is absolutely ridiculous, to put it delicately. Were I you, I would definitely go for something much more effective, much more compelling - what about having fun inside the stepsister VR movies with this sex demon, huh? Come on, don’t be shy! Trying to hide your arousal is to no avail - the state of your willy is apparent, even for a blind person. Therefore, instead of denying the undeniable, why don’t you embrace the reality at this very moment, huh? Flow with it!

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Okay, okay - maybe not cold… but I guess you understand the message I wanted to convey by using that adjective. It will be drastic, genuinely groundbreaking. Being awakened is incomparable to anything else. At the beginning, it is ridiculous - you realize that all your life, you have been immersed in the past, regretting stuff, wishing for new ones, etc. Everything, obviously, is taken alive from your memory. With Lola Myluv, however, your willy is gonna finally discover the present moment - unscathed by comparison, envy, or anything of that sort. Ponder it for a second - to name something, you must first separate yourself from it, right? So what are your thoughts actually doing? Initially, there is a feeling; a wave of sensations overflows your body. Then the thought comes and says, “It is XYZ,” thus being continually in the past, never fresh. Needless to say, the group VR videos with Lola are the very definition of freshness. To be totally honest, one can’t get on the internet anything “fresher,” so to speak. Ready for the encounter that is gonna turn the tide in your existence? Vamos!

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