Stretching with Two Hotties 3

Jan. 15, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Harley King, Lucy Doll

Harley King and Lucy Doll VR porn are breaking the stigma of guys being only in the gym while their partners are in yoga classes.

So, although it seems just like it was a regular video, to show that the gym is not only for guys but also soon gets heated up. After giving yoga classes a chance once, you were stunned by how beautiful and tight coaches look. Surprisingly, they also noticed you and wanted to discuss the session afterward. What could they be thinking about? That will be soon revealed in this Fitness VR porn video. Yet, you can probably guess quickly that two hotties usually like to do more than talk more. So, in the next moment, you found yourself on top of one of them while sucking the second one out. It is the actual dream of a stretching session. The most stretched muscle today will be your dick.

Stretching in Harley King VR and Lucy Doll VR porn is going sexual in no time.

After a long training of muscles, there was only one part that was untouched. Of course, two babes who were coaching saw that and predicted that you would like to train there, too. So, our cuties decided to help you out and squeeze out a little bit of that white gold stored in your balls. In this Threesome VR porn video, you will have a chance to bang simultaneously girls that are hard to find in today’s world. They are all about the pleasure, so make sure to stick your schlong in all of the places that they want you to satisfy. Are you up for a more private stretching session? If yes then let those sexy queens to rock your world today. The muscles are going to be sore, for sure.

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