Stretching with Two Hotties 2

May 20, 2023
60 FPS
Starring: Macy Meadows, Sophia Burns

In the newest Macy Meadows and Sophia Burns VR porn video, you will be able not only to look at the cute girls in their stretching class…

Exactly… You woke up happier than ever today because today is the day of the training. Finally, you will once again be able to glance at the sexy bodies moving around and achieving angles that are yet to be discovered. Two babes recently took most of your attention though – Macy and Sophia. They know that you are watching them, thus after a while, those cuties offer you another level of stretching training. In the next few moments you were blessed with seeing their naked bodies do all kinds of kinky stuff to you. Before that training, you did not know that a man’s dick can be that hard. From missionary to riding, and even having a doggy style with one of them, that was the best day you could have ever imagined in the Threesome VR world.

Macy Meadows VR and Sophia Burns VR clip shows that you can bang everywhere.

There are no limitations to where you can have sex. Sophia and Macy wanted you in the gym, so what could be coming next? I have no idea, but I know that the creativity of the horny brain is endless. You can think of the next place in which someone will give you head. I bet that both darlings, who you had a chance to fuck, would be up to sucking you off. But do not focus on the next intercourse, while you still have unfinished business with these two babes! You will need to show them how it feels to be in the best Thighs VR video ever recorded. Let your magic wand do the trickery and show them all how women can orgasm!

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