Perfect Housekeeper Alex Coal

Sept. 20, 2021
60 FPS
Starring: Alex Coal

When it comes to housekeeping, Alex Coal VR porn is second to none. You’ve got my word on that

In full honesty, housekeeping is way more tricky than it might appear on the face of it. Especially, if you have a mania of polishing - like our dear Alex Coal. Her standout trait is that she pays attention to the smallest details whenever she’s doing her job. Basically, nothing will be overlooked when Alex is on duty. Tables, plates, owner’s cock… wait, what?? As I have already mentioned, this gorge is a maniac. If she notices that your cock is unpolished, she won’t have any other option but to kneel down and get down to the business - the uniform VR porn sort of business... By the way - we both know that you haven’t hired this gorge solely to keep your house clean, have you? Particularly, when there is this other thing that demands cleaning…

In Alex Coal VR porn videos you will be the golden boy of this chick

Your cock will have the undivided attention of this hottie, remember. Nothing will stand in the way between her mouth and your huge piece of meat. I don’t want to spill the beans already but Alex wasn’t oblivious to what her real assignment was going to be. She took the job being entirely aware of your ulterior motives. It should explain to you why, unlike most of her colleagues, Alex has been smiling all the time since she arrived at a place. This whole period her mind has been elsewhere, by no means thinking about the carpets or windows… Maids VR scenes are always like that - these chicks are too sexy to be mere cleaners. Their ambitions reach far beyond washing the dishes. You are about to see what exactly I mean by that. Behold!

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