Arabelle Raphael

Arabelle Raphael

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States of America
Age: 35 years
Date of Birth: Feb. 27, 1989
Birth Place: Paris, France
Height: 5 ft 4 in / 162 cm
Weight: 132 lbs / 60 kg
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Piercing: Nipples; septum; nostril; ears
Tattoo: Butterfly right of navel; butterfly under right arm; flowers on upper right arm; womans exposed breasts (or two stick figures staring at a third) inside a picture frame on left upper arm; scissors on left tricep; 'rite' text above left arm joint; text abo

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Whips and chains, whips and chains… Most of you, my horny little goblins, are utterly obsessed with them. And no wonder - when your new French mistress, Senorita Arabelle Raphael is holding them, they gain new colours. Even those of you who consider yourselves “vanilla boys” wish to try this sort of sex when a VR MILF such as Arabelle is offering it to you. Thus, why wouldn’t you let your little soldier indulge in something new, huh? As Gandalf The Gray famously said: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us”. I don’t know what about you but I am inclined to dedicate as much of mine as I possibly can to the latex VR porn with this gorgeous babe. The truth is that Arabelle evokes my inner sub more than anyone else on the web. Can you relate? What a ludicrous question! Sure you can - otherwise, you wouldn’t have found yourselves here in the first place, aren’t I right?

The human condition might seem miserable to many of you. Until you find yourselves in Arabelle Raphael VR porn videos

This tattooed bombshell is what we call on RealJamVR the quintessence of the adult entertainment industry. When one looks at Arabelle one simply doesn’t have any other choice but to pander to her wishes. Why? Apparently, this very hottie was destined by Mother Nature herself to become a dominatrix one day. As soon as you approach her, you will immediately grasp what I am saying. Particularly, since it is not rocket science - but something way, way simpler than that - your own biology. Doggy style VR videos with this (fallen) angel bring people from all around the world to rejoice together in the charms of the BDSM community. True sub will always sense a mistress nearby - Needless to say, you have just found one. Thus, submit, give up your freedom and let her put chains on your wrists - thus showing your submissive mind where you truly belong. POV VR porn scenes are not always that brutal - but with this babe it is a rule. Countless years spent in the porn business (as Arabelle is already 35 years old) made her implacable. You can’t resist the power of her volition. No one can - unless you are a real alpha.

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Am I exaggerating here? Well, depends on the person. You can always experience it on your own, you know? As Versace once said “It is not about convincing people that you are capable of doing great things. It is about doing them” - by the same token, you don’t have to rely on my words, trying to convince me that they are not the case. Just go and check out the power of Arabelle Raphael firsthand. And then, when you come back to me with the chains on your wrists looking down at the floor - no more words will be required. Especially, since your new tattoo VR lady won’t allow you to speak anyway. Your mouth is her property from now on. Thus, you better go back to serving, my boy. After all, everyone should know his place, right? Yours is on your knees, waiting for the next command of your mistress. Better be diligent while carrying out the tasks given to you - Arabelle Raphael is known for gruelling punishments for those who disobey her instructions.

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It is high time we became honest with each other - you are not in charge anymore. At least, not when you immerse yourself in the VR hardcore realm. That’s the place where this hottie wields the power - and, needless to say, she is unwilling to share it with anyone. Especially, since BDSM is a small obsession of Arabelle. You see - her favourite pastime is coming up with new ways how to discipline her slaves. Whipping? Rough anal? Or maybe… well, the list goes on and on - it would take us an eternity to mention everything here. Instead, why don’t we focus our entire attention on the juicy details which are awaiting you once you put on your virtual reality headset, huh? First of all, you must be prepared for no mercy - when Mistress Arabella is on duty there is no room for mistakes. Every single one will be severely punished so that you can remember it in the future. But if you are a good boy - you might be able to touch the enormous titties of your mistress. Tell me, boy - could one dream of anything more?

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All of us have an illusion of control in our lives. Most of us are utterly obsessed with it. We would like to control every single outcome of the action that we undertake. Good luck with that. Yet, we stubbornly keep doing it - the same mistake over and over again. Luckily, Arabelle Raphael is the ultimate remedy for this issue. How will she solve it? By taking all the control away from you. You will be like an obedient puppy waiting for the command of your big tits VR mistress. Imagine that - no more continuous inner battle with your inner sub, finally. Just surrender, give up all this control and understand where you truly belong to. Mistress Arabelle will aid you wish extracting your real nature from deep within your soul. No more hiding anything, no more dissembling the truth. No. Become who you are, right now - and serve your big ass VR goddess. That is your destiny - come to terms with it.

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