Backstage with Alex Coal and Lauren Phillips

May 8, 2023
Full HD
Starring: Alex Coal, Lauren Phillips

Alex Coal and Lauren Phillips VR porn actresses are going to show you what their works look like from behind the scenes.

In this Backstage VR video both girls are going to be interviewed, not only about their career. The topics that are going to be mentioned include their life experiences and how they overcome their usual obstacles in this job. As it is a rare opportunity to listen to actual porn actresses talk about the routine in which they live, you should be interested. This interview also gives you a chance to build a relationship with the cuties that work for us. Both Alex and Lauren have some incredibly interesting stories to tell us, so make sure to tune in for this rare opportunity. Not many men have a chance to listen to their favorite babes talk about their daily struggles, especially in the porn industry!

Alex Coal VR and Lauren Phillips VR porn actresses have some insane life experiences that are going to be shared in this video.

As both of our cuties talk through their existence, past, and plans for the future, you are welcome to see what does behind the scenes VR video looks like. If those topics do not interest you, we have one more thing that is probably going to change your mind. And that thing is the inspiration for our babes – in the meaning of what inspires them, what makes them go and survive in this industry, and what is going to happen with their careers in the future. From becoming a Milf VR actress, to being a stewardess on a plane… There are a lot of plans being said here, so I guess you have no other choice but to listen to our darlings. They have some of the most interesting things to say right now!

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