Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States of America
Age: 36 years
Date of Birth: Dec. 8, 1987
Birth Place: Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States
Height: 5 ft 10 in / 177 cm
Weight: 128 lbs / 58 kg
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Red
Piercing: Belly Button; Clit; Left Cartilage; Both Ears
Tattoo: Right body side (three black and white roses with stems, leaves and hearts with text: 'Dad'), base of spine (ballet shoes with text: 'Dancer'), left shin (betty boop later over-tattooed with two roses), center of upper back (ornament design with a heart), left pelvis side (hunchbacked flute player - kokopelli), around right forearm (pearl necklace with heart pendant).
Fake Boobs: Yes

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