Naughty Art: Creative Aria Valencia

Feb. 16, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Aria Valencia
When my very close friend, Aria Valencia VR sweetie, asked me to come to her apartment and help her, I hurried to her place. I was hoping that we would have dinner or coffee later. The reality surprised me to the limit. Well, it started like I expected. Aria Valencia told me to come in and to sit down so that she could explain her request. She told me she wanted to draw a male body that day. She found drawing a clothed man a rather interesting thing, but she needed a naked model. Ok, that was a pretty strange request. I thought Aria Valencia would let me keep my boxers on, but she said no. Then Aria Valencia told me she needed my penis to stand erect. She kept telling me that the drawing would look better that way, but I almost didn’t listen to her and thought only about fulfilling her demand. Luckily, Aria Valencia knew what to do. She came up to me and gave me a Blowjob. I honestly tried to focus on posing and drawing but thought only about penetrating her sweet Trimmed Pussy.

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