Tights Must Be Destroyed

Sept. 11, 2022
60 FPS
Starring: Khloe Kapri

Get on your feet, couch potato! The training in Khloe Kapri VR porn videos is about to commence!

If you wish to pick up hotties, boy, you must do sports. There is no other option, sorry not sorry. Yet, as far as I am concerned, it is not as bad as it sounds at first- especially, when such a bombshell as Khloe Kapri becomes your coach. Whereas my muscles aren’t necessarily eager for the workout, my cock… Well, there things look pretty different. By the way - “pretty” is a huge understatement here. This beast is on the verge of tearing my pants apart. Apparently, there will be no training today - pardon Khloe. Today, we are up to something much more intense than a mere HIT workout. My horny friend, shed your underwear and show this darling why missionary VR porn is a much better way to exercise. Go go go, what the hell are you waiting for, huh? Special invitation?

Are you into intervals? Me neither. However! In Khloe Kapri VR porn you might develop liking for them

Tell me something, my lecherous fellow - what do you call banging for 50 minutes straight if not cardiovascular training, huh? It doesn’t take a genius to understand this simple principle - the more girls you fuck, the fitter you get. Pretty easy to grasp, huh? Nonetheless, for some unknown reason, many guys prefer to waste their time (and money) at the gym. Don’t be foolish like them, okay? Instead, opt for the company of this lovely kitten. As soon as Khloe Kapri lands her lewd hands on your throbbing piece of equipment, your mind will be forced to, willingly or not, redefine the definition of “workout”. Come and enjoy yourself, my lad. Being a sportsman can be way funnier than you think - if you only reach out for stockings VR porn videos.

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