Braylin Bailey

Braylin Bailey

Gender: Female
City and Country: Los Angeles, US

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Here, one has no other choice but to finally access absolute freedom, fellows. Thinking disappears, leaving room for life in its purest form. What does it feel like, you might ask? My response consists of another question - and who the hell even asks that silly question in the first place, huh? Isn’t it just another thought, a fictitious creation based on the past that wishes to enquire into the nature of VR babe porn clips? Come on, fellows, open your eyes at last! You are locked in a cage, making circles all day long. No wonder you feel dizzy. Were I in your shoes, I would feel the same way. Hence, stop it for a moment and simply take a look at the gorgeous body of this sex demon. There, you will find the answers to every single one of your questions. Make no mistake, though - by no means am I talking here about the verbal response. After all, words are totally unnecessary under certain circumstances… Thus, clam up and indulge!

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Yet, there is something even hotter than her stunning looks. What am I talking about? The voluptuosity of this gorge. Looks are just looks, fellows. They aren’t what stays in your head afterward. The lecherous spirit, though… it creates the real magic. This quality is responsible for an immense success of doggy style VR videos of our lovely Braylin Bailey. They are the key necessary for opening your cage. Once it happens, your eyes will be opened for the first time, finally seeing what’s in front of them instead of being constantly covered by the interminable chatter of thought. Ever watched The Matrix? There is an iconic scene when Neo wakes up and asks Morpheus why his eyes hurt so much. To which Senor Morpheus responds “because you have never used them before.” You will understand the joke as soon as Braylin Bailey is over with you. Until then, though… enjoy the joyful bliss of ignorance (if that’s what we call a state of continuous suffering). So, wanna have everything turned upside down in your daily routine? Let Braylin work her wonders with your shaft, and everything will naturally follow. There is no other option.

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Being absorbed with them so much that you don’t even remember your name is the most natural thing to happen, my boys. After all, when your piece of equipment is entering the realm of paradise, why the hell would he care about his identity, personality, etc.?? Those are just precarious constructs created by your mind to provide it with the illusion of safety in this uncertain world. Yet, my fellow - relying on this fictitious structure is utterly dangerous - to put it delicately. Thus, see the nonsense behind this mechanism and stop following the madness at this very moment. Braylin Bailey will be more than glad to shed light on your darkness, untangling all the knots instantly. How? By doing the same trick that Alexander the Great did with the Gordian know. Instead of fucking himself with untangling it, he simply cut the thing apart - problem solved. Needless to say, precisely the same thing will take place in Braylin’s missionary VR porn videos. Just give her a few seconds of your precious time, and… you will forget what the word “problem” even means.

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