Tights Must Be Destroyed 4

June 10, 2023
60 FPS
Starring: Ellie Murphy, Kimora Quin

Enjoy Ellie Murphy and Kimora Quin VR video - the sexiest thing I’ve seen yet.

There are many things to do in life: sports, meditation, reading books, and all that boring stuff. But let’s be honest for once, is there something better than watching POV VR porn? I gotta agree with you on this one - nothing is more fulfilling than that. So stop pretending that other activities can even compare to the satisfaction that comes from watching two gorgeous hotties waiting for your meat inside of them. Our girls love spending some quality time with you. They told me in secret that they simply live to make you cum like a Chinese emperor. Their existence is based on kindness, so don’t keep them waiting. Help them to take off their thin panties, which are wet from feminine juices. The whole of the woman's body is designed by Mother Nature to receive the big present, hidden between your legs. You can’t even imagine what notes Ellie and Kimora will be able to play with your precious instrument of comfort.

Two beautiful cuties: Ellie Murphy and Kimora Quin VR stars, want to show you their lingerie collection. Will you watch?

At this point, I know that a high tent in your crouch leaves you no choice. But anyway, I’ll ask - are you man enough to thoroughly examine that Asian VR body? If not, indulge in it anyway. You can’t go wrong with watching two smoking hot ladies opening up for you. But we know that you’re capable of satisfying our precious hotties. Ellie and Kimora told me that they’ve never been that excited to meet you. If you have better things to do feel free to leave, though. Yeah, maybe it’s best that you’ll become a priest and join God in prayer. What’s sounds better: blue balls in church or blue balls with our inviting girls? Only you know the answer. God damn’t, if I were in your shoes I’d give them my all right now. But I’m just a stupid frustrated priest, so what do I know?

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