Summer Hart Therapy

March 19, 2021
60 FPS
Starring: Summer Hart

Yes, your case is difficult. But Summer Hart VR porn can help

You have been brought here by an ambulance. It seemed as if you were on the verge of dying. Doctor Summer knows that solely alternative medicine can do anything for you. Luckily, she is an internationally acclaimed specialist when it comes to curing such patients. Thus, as soon as she sees you, she knuckles down to work. This babe always makes her point of saving her male clients. After all, medicine is her real vocation. And once Mrs Summer discovered that it can be combined with interactive VR porn… Then she had no other option but to go all out. Nothing will stop this babe from aiding your desperate cock. Because, as far as she is concerned, this is the cause of all your maladies. It seems as if it was dying out down there. Time is of the essence here. That is why she tears up your pants and gets down to business right away.

Summer Hart VR porn videos will keep you out of harm’s way

You must avoid hazardous situations at all costs, my lad! Otherwise, you will have to visit Doctor Summer more often… okay, I bet it is rather an incentive for you to face even more risks. No wonder, though. Being cured by Señorita Hart seems to be one of the most delightful activities that one can engage in his life. Thus, since you are already here… why wouldn’t you make the best out of this encounter, huh? Show this stunning doctor that you are not one of the mediocre patients that she will forget soon after. No way. Spare no means, cowboy! In this cowgirl VR porn scenario, you must show this lass who is the boss here.

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