Sensual Massage from Kyler Quinn

Oct. 30, 2022
60 FPS
Starring: Kyler Quinn

Is your body sore? A sensual massage in Kyler Quinn is more than recommended

I don’t know what about you, my horny fellow but whenever I feel my body is killing me, I pay a visit to my favourite masseur. That is why I gave you her number - Kyler is insanely gifted when it comes to… helping your muscles to relax. However, the standout trait that sets her apart from her colleagues is… the field of expertise she has chosen. You might call it her vocation. The story goes this way - one day Kyler had a very... steamy dream and woke up inspired. The first thing she said in the morning was “Why the hell wouldn’t I opt for the massage VR porn path?”. Being a babe of her word, she knuckled down to work instantly. All the shafts from the neighbourhood were taken care of. You would be surprised by how many massages the male part of the population needs nowadays… Particularly, when Kyler is on duty.

Do you have an aversion to masseurs? In Kyler Quinn VR porn videos we will change that

No one can resist the charm of this lovely chick. That is precisely what I told you while handing you the number. “Just give her a shot, you won’t regret it. Trust me”. And here you are, next to the hottest babe you have ever seen, whetting your appetite for the well-earned “massage”. Nonetheless, first, you need some warm-up - working with tense, cold muscles is tough… Hence, Kyler starts from the very bottom - your feet. The first toe, the second one, the third… And before you even notice, she’s already landing her horny tongue on your throbbing shaft. Well, being a discerning person, she quickly noticed what was going on down there and decided… to not keep you in the “suspense” anymore. In the end, you are in the doggy style VR porn, not a theatre.

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