My Wife's Lesbian Addictions

Dec. 6, 2022
60 FPS
Starring: Minxx Marley, Stevie Moon

Minxx Marley and Stevie Moon VR porn is showing an unexpected spin to the sex story, which we are all acquainted with…

After your day's casual hardships, you return home to your beloved wife – Minxx Marley. Yet, you see something you believed would never happen under your roof. Your wife is cheating with her best friend. They were banging each other with toy strap-ons, just like in the Double Penetration VR videos you watched yesterday. In this situation, the decision was to be made quickly. It was a moment of truth – and you decided to pull down your pants to join those hotties mid-act. Was it the correct choice? Yes. Having a chance to fuck two sexy chicks, one of which is your wife, is just like a dream come true. Seeing her in a submissive threesome is a pinnacle of a man's needs.

In the Minxx Marley VR and Stevie Moon VR clip you are going to witness the most accurate representation of what a threesome should look like.

Are you more of a wild-sex kind of guy? Or a more romantic person? Whatever your preferences, you will be attacked by both Minxx and Stevie with the highest quality of sexual positions you have ever seen. From being banged by two cocks, to sucking balls till they can't give any drops more, it is all in this exact scene. I bet that you love Slim VR videos, and both of those babes will fit your taste without a doubt. Take your VR set and submerge yourself in the feelings of girls touching you in various places. This is going to be the time of your life. You are one of the luckiest guys ever, so keep your dick hard as much as it is possible. The stiffer the pole, the better the orgasm.

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