In The Purple Ocean

June 15, 2021
60 FPS
Starring: Sami Parker

There’s a sweet surprise for you - Sami Parker VR cutie is wet. What will you do?

You lucky guy, you’ve found yourself a real treasure. Fortunately, your very obedient girl respects you enough to welcome you home with a tempting much-revealing dress. Relax after a tiring day with romantic, but still dirty Sami. Watch, how this Asian VR babe cums and shivers because of your meat inside her. Squeeze her juicy breasts and explore every nook of her feminity. “Don’t you dare to stop” - she whispered softly to your ear. When a woman of this caliber asks you to play with her trimmed pussy, it is a crime to refuse. So, simply go with the flow of your justified desire and do what you need to do. She'll thank you with rosy cheeks and a face of ultimate ecstasy. You can't miss it.

Make your energies dance with Sami Parker VR tantric experience

It is always good to combine business with pleasure. Yoga is an amazing way of achieving spiritual enlightenment, but it comes with a great con - celibacy. Thanks to ancient yogis who gave birth to the tantric system, you can now grow spiritually while enjoying this interactive VR video. The recipe for tantra is simple - have as much fun as possible. For that, you need a focused and involved mind. Keep yourself on the verge of cumming through the whole experience. Feel Samiʼs juices on your linga and raise your energies up to the sahasrar chakra, through the power of visualization. Experience blissful oneness with one of the most beautiful girls alive. I, myself have spent a fair amount of time with our hottie. Not only did I keep shooting sperm like a shotgun, but I've achieved the highest goal - Samadhi, the thoughtless state of mind. Here is your chance to escape the cycle of Samsara, and this chance is begging you to fuck her. Will you give it a try?

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