Dancing Babes Club 2

June 23, 2023
60 FPS
Starring: Baby Kitten, Greta Foss, Maddy Black, Simon Kitty
Simon Kitty, Baby Kxtten, Greta Foss, and Maddy Black love hanging out together. They all believe that life is no good without pleasures, so they help one another achieve that goal every day. They go dancing, take long walks in different parks, go on picnics, go shopping, and even have sex together. Yes, that sounds weird. After all, four chicks and one dick sounds like a good idea for a fight, but the hotties team up to spice up their sensations and to give the lucky dude, your humble servant, the best orgasm ever. I was so lucky to become the center of their attention. Sure, I satisfied every one of them in return.

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