Tina Fire

Tina Fire

Gender: Female
City and Country: Brazil
Age: 25 years
Date of Birth: Aug. 3, 1998
Birth Place: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Height: 5 ft 8 in / 172 cm
Weight: 126 lbs / 57 kg
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Piercing: Right Nostril
Tattoo: Three Swallows And Script "Somos Frutos Do Mesmo Amor" Left Flank; Design Inside Right Lower Arm; Inside Right Wrist (Later); Butterfly Stomach (2019); Heart Right Front Shoulder (2019); Design Inside Left Lower Arm (Later); Behind Left Upper Arm (2019)

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We all know that when a girl is too horny she gets crazy as fuck. Our cutie here is no different, obviously, Tina is a healthy individual so it’s logical that she wants to screw, right? This chick from Brazil is 172 cm high and weighs only 57 kilograms. You just can’t miss out on a dick lover like her. Note that she is only 25 years old so her VR anal videos show that Tina's young blood is unstoppable in bed. All our babe’s dreams come down to one and one thing only - to give you the highest ecstasies possible for a man. It’s no joke with our lassie if you deny her rights to your ferocious piece of equipment. Don’t you get it? She literally lives for your cock, all that the lady desires is to play with it and pet it like it’s a little puppy. I’m sure though that your dick will not behave like a “puppy” - but rather like an unleashed monster who cares only about penetrating as many holes of our gal as he can. VR titty fuck has never been better - you’ll know it when you experience it.

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I ain’t kiddin', every day when I wake up the first thought in my mind is to spend some quality time with Tina. Many of our members perceive it as the most rapturous addiction one could have. Of course, it’s not addiction in a real sense - the term “healthy habit” would be more correct. And have I mentioned that she likes VR doggy style fuck as well? So now I do. This is one of our lassie’s favourite postures and for many men too. Tell me is there something more to life than thrusting your prick in the warmest and most comfortable pussy ever created by the Mother Nature? I don’t think so. Be aware that our pretty comes like crazy when you do her from behind, she tends to be loud and shake in orgasmic raptures. I’m sure that it won’t be a problem for you, just the opposite - it will make your wiener jiggle in the rhythm of passionate lovemaking while it shoots sperm like a rocket launcher. Yes, our VR pornstars wield such power.

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It’s sure as hell that she had been getting a little wet while galloping on her mount. But you won’t imagine how her vulva gets watery when it rides on your hips! Our cutie will wrap her legs around you and will keep bouncing until there is no semen left in your balls. They don’t call her VR cowgirl for no reason. Have you ever begun to shoot blanks when you wanked one time too many? Well, today you have once in a lifetime opportunity to experience that, and I am telling you that it is worthwhile indeed. It’s like a dream coming true - we all crave a chick like that, and it’s even better when it’s a hottie of such a class. All I’m saying is life just doesn’t get more pleasurable. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not that great though, because it is the highest of the highs. And there are no lows, unless when our VR Brazilian gorge wants to go down on you.

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Resisting here won’t amount to anything - it is pointless to resist a desire of this magnitude. Yeah, I noticed the tent in your crouch and I know that your heart is working like your grandfather did in a coal mine. If you withstand such an advanced level of arousal you might even harm yourself because your balls are going to burn. So if any way there will be a fire in your crouch isn’t it smarter to spread the flame to her VR shaved pussy? As I said on a number of occasions - were I a king I would do anything it takes to marry that lady and screw her brains out during the marriage consummation. The fire of Tina is warm and inviting especially when she spreads those long legs wide open for you. For you as a man, it would be considered a crime of the highest degree to ignore our cutie’s charms. So if you have the guts to stand in front of the mirror and call yourself a true man, you will attend to her in a matter of minutes. We all crave a masculine figure in our lives, but instead of looking for it outside it makes more sense to find it inside.

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Just think about it - infinite carnal delights are just a click of a button away. What are you waiting for then? Go get her, cowboy! Probably I am repeating myself but she really could use a bang. There is nothing surprising in our bombshell’s behaviour - “The more beautiful a gal gets the more she wants to shag” as the British proverb says. Because of that wisdom Tina’s arousal skyrockets. So, the time has come to jerk off to her VR big tits and spank that shapely ass. In this virtual reality experience, you will become an adventurer exploring each nook and corner of our sexy lassie’s feminity. The path to reaching an explosive climax is never a straight line, so feel free to experiment a little. In this VR interactive porn, you have a chance to fulfil even your dirties fantasies in the comfort of your home and a horny young girl to give you a hand (or two). Remember, you only live once so never retrench your wood!

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