The Kate Dee

The Kate Dee

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States of America
Age: 33 years
Date of Birth: Sept. 11, 1990
Birth Place: Toledo, Ohio, United States
Height: 5 ft 7 in / 170 cm
Weight: 161 lbs / 73 kg
Eyes color: Blue

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In truth, I doubt that there is anything better on this Earth. You can believe me because I experienced quite a lot, my horny lad. The hottie got born in 1990 in America and she was always known for being extremely horny. It seemed that there was just no way for her to find satisfaction in her sexual temperament. I’d lie if I said that English speech VR porn with our star is not the very goal of your life. Our cutie has eyes of the ocean and is of the perfect height to suck your dick when she kneels in front of you. It will feel like her face is made to taste your ferocious piece of equipment. Some girls are asking to get screwed. Happily, this babe belongs to that group - I’d even state that she is the primal example of a woman like that. Thanks to RealJamVR you won’t have to worry about getting laid never again, because she is always in the mood for shagging.

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I’m probably repeating myself but there is just no other lady like that on the planet. Her curviness needs to be appreciated as much as possible because Kate is starved for your big Johnson. VR handy from our cutie will make you wonder why you even bothered about so-called “real” sex in the past. It will be like the best present on Christmas Eve but better. You have to understand that she just loves practising the art of lovemaking. It’s not an addiction of any kind, even though it might be perceived like that for someone who doesn’t know her that well. It’s just her passion, some people love to play the guitar or cello or some other instrument Kate loves to play on our piece of meat. So there is nothing left for you to do now. Just indulge in her VR big ass porn and forget about all of your troubles and even your own name. Tomorrow morning the first thing on your mind will be to repeat this ecstatic experience.

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According to research from the Harvard University, those erotic raptures might save your life. Regular wank with Kate decreases heart blood pressure and promotes the growth of neurons. Her VR blonde clips are like a dream coming true - the babe of this calibre is within your reach willing to realise each of your mind’s fantasies. The good thing is that today we all are in the same fortunate shoes. There is not much to do for you to be happy, and healthy and experience the highest dimensions of carnal raptures. All that needs to be done is to put your VR set on and play one of Kate’s erotic masterpieces to feel like a Pompei Volcano back in the ancient times. As I told many - there is simply nothing better than the smell of this wet pussy begging you to fill it up with your cum. But enough of my bragging about our chick. Now is a good idea to indulge in some VR hardcore videos.

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I ain’t gonna lie to you my horny friend, that bombshell was the most sensual one we have ever seen. At moments like that, one starts to be thankful for being a man because only a person with cock can appreciate her VR cowgirl clips in its full scope. When the shooting began our jaws dropped. She was performing with such elegance and such finesse that it didn’t feel like making porn - it felt like creating a work of art. Many times some of us had to go to the toilet to avoid cumming in our own pants. The atmosphere on the set was thick from sexual tension. When we witnessed her climax I felt that I was in a true heaven on Earth. It was the best thing I experienced so far and I wank to those VR big tits daily since then. It was obvious that we hit the bull’s eye and we all were sweating from excitement. A girl of such a class doesn’t knock on our doors regularly, so you deserve to be a part of our celebration. The best way to reward our cutie is to cum on her face. She will be grateful to receive such a generous gift and it will also bring our bombshell a lot of memories to fantasise about later. You are in for a pleasant surprise when you click on the play button.

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And here you come into play. Yes, you will come - there is no doubt about it because playing with Kate’s heavenly shapes and watching her body dance in delight was just too much joy. Today you can also lose yourself in an event like that in the comfort of your home. Note that the frenzy will be breathtaking so it’s better to have a new box of tissues around - one tissue might not be enough to clean the mess you will make. Fortunately, now we can all enjoy our beauty’s shapes and curves and her VR trimmed pussy as well whenever we want. And it should be that way, I think, because when our girl has such feminine charm it cannot remain hidden from everyone else. Furthermore, we all should be thankful to Kate that she decided to share it, but let’s be honest for a while - the bombshell just has no choice. Her cravings for a friendly cock are out of this world and it’s hard to control them. Will you give a hand to a hottie in need?

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