River Lynn

River Lynn

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States of America
Age: 23 years
Date of Birth: Jan. 1, 2001
Birth Place: Tampa, Florida, United States
Height: 5 ft 7 in / 170 cm
Weight: 128 lbs / 58 kg
Eyes color: Blue

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Not only your life, though - your pants will undergo the same fate. Or even worse - as by all accounts this chick is capable of tearing your underwear apart just by looking you deep in the eyes. Does it sound outlandish to you? Sure, that was my first reaction as well. When you give her a chance to get closer to your excited body, though… There will be no more room for any sort of illusions. Just conceive of it for a second - her love-seeking lips kissing desperately every nook and corner of your cock, seeking its ambrosia-like juice. I don’t know what about you, my horny little goblins, but I am already hard - in fact, harder than I have ever been. The best thing about this lecherous angel is that she has no boundaries. Even if you seek something as kinky as toys VR clips (okay, it is not THAT kinky) you will have it. The chances are that our River is so altruistic that she simply can’t utter such a word from her precious mouth as “no”. Instead, she is more accustomed to the “Of course, sir, thank you” sort of vocabulary. Thus, if that is what you are aspiring for tonight - you have found the right place. Congrats.

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There must be no limitations when it comes to it. Especially, if your tenting piece of equipment is confronted with such a babe as River Lynn. Haven’t I already mentioned that this babe is not capable of refusing your offers? You won’t be as well, trust me. As soon as she appears in front of your horny eyes, you will be left speechless. Ever heard of the state of Enlightenment? From what I have heard it is simply a moment in your life when you stop thinking for a moment. So, what do you do instead? Nourish your soul with the utmost beauty of this world. It goes without saying that it is precisely what is gonna happen if you allow yourself a little bit of debauchery inside River’s blonde VR scenes. Hell yeah, boy - even the most prominent monks out there didn’t experience something close to what you are gonna undergo in no time. Ready for it? Certainly, you are not - one cannot anticipate something of this calibre.

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Veteran or not, your rifle is gonna shoot prodigious amounts of the fat load as soon as River Lynn undresses herself. Does it mean that you are weak or something like that? Nope, of course not. Everything is due to River’s charm. I don’t know if you believe in magic. I, personally, didn’t - until I met this very chick. The moment we had our first missionary VR encounter was the moment when I saw for the first time in my short life how stupid I have always been. All this stressing out, all this tension, all this interminable pursuit. For what? For what, I am asking? When both of you finally meet each other for an intimate banging session you will understand my question. Right now it might seem philosophical or somewhat abstract. But when you finally park your shaft inside River’s tight pussy… You will grasp everything - you’ve got my word on that.

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Honestly - I don’t know. Everything in the material world lost meaning for me since I met this charming babe. I am not concerned with my mortgage payment anymore, neither can anyone piss me off. No. Who cares, actually? What matters is that at the end of the day, I have an appointment - a VR doggy style sort of one if you get what I am saying. I strongly believe that is the ultimate recipe for success in this world. Don’t let other people tell you that only hard work bears fruit. Nope, forget about it. Instead, treat your existence like an adventure - where this VR babe is your companion. As long as you have her in your corner, nothing can go wrong. Now, let me ask you something - ready to set off? This sexy blonde is awaiting you on the board. Just embark and show others around you what human life is supposed to be like. Waver not. One changes this world by action, not by mere thinking. Go and do not let anyone stop you!

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I sincerely hope I have managed somehow to convince all of you out there that this chick is worth giving a shot. Her avidity for sucking is singular, not the mention the young spirit always searching for new experiences. Ever heard that variety is the spice of life? This is certainly a motto of our River since she is always willing to opt for something new. Whether it is VR English speech clip or something way kinkier - doesn’t matter. What matters is whether she can suck someone new there or not. So, my dear friend - wake up at last! Look deep into these stunning blue eyes and have your own awakening. No more worrying about some trifling stuff, no more anxiety, no more stress. Everything is over as soon as you share some of your time with this US chick’s VR handy porn videos. Now - go. After all, tell me - but in full honesty - do you really have anything better to do with your leisure time?

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