Molly Little

Molly Little

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States of America
Age: 21 years
Date of Birth: Feb. 10, 2003
Birth Place: Fairfax, Virginia, United States
Height: 5 ft 3 in / 160 cm
Weight: 90 lbs / 41 kg
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Blond
Tattoo: Three mushrooms on center of upper abdomen; Small butterfly near left thumb

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If you are into petite, blonde girls, then Molly is a perfect fit for you. She is only a hundred and sixty centimeters tall and weighs ONLY forty-one kilograms. This is an insane low body mass is making many go crazy after her. Our cutie has also pretty small, yet very charming tits, so if you like girls with smaller chests then she will surely tick out all of your boxes. With her stunning body, there is one more thing that comes to upgrade her overall charm – that small tattoo of three mushrooms between their boobies. This is a bit witchy tattoo centered in the middle of her body. In her Babe VR, you can expect a lot of sensual experience, derived not only from her insanely thin body but also from how this angel speaks. Her tempting voice is surely a craft of some kind of a demon of sex because whenever she talks to you, you will feel obliged to strip your clothes and start to fuck. Molly is going to enjoy every second with you, if you let her climax well, so just remember to listen to what she tells you!

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This babe characterizes herself with many great ideas. For example, in one of her recent petite / slim VR porn videos, Molly came up with the idea for a whole set. Not only did she take Barbie clothes from the local thrift store, but also she wrote a scenario for this scene. Our cutie had an idea of a Barbie girl that just had a pussy surgery and wanted to try her new organ in practice. To your surprise, you were chosen as the one who can test her – which brought a lot of pleasure to you. Just in the moment in which you pulled out your dick from your jeans, you could feel that sperm coming up from your balls. Molly helped you to get rid of that liquid and to her surprise, it felt even better than she anticipated it to feel. This perfect girl is going to let you fuck her from every angle possible. All of the positions are in the game, so it is up to you, what you are going to do together next. That is a true Barbie fan dream come true kind of situation.

While you enjoy your time with Molly Little VR clips, you can also get to know her personality

It is not only about banging – Molly would love to meet you and understand you as a person. Although she is young, her emotional maturity is on the spot. I believe that this gorgeous babe wants not only your cock, but also who you are. So it is not only about the physical pleasure but also about the connection that you guys will create. Believe me that her pussy licking VR scenes are going to make you hard. But try to wait for your hardness to appear and talk to her about what this girl loves to do in her free time or how she spends her time with friends. This, from the perspective of a stranger, shallow question may change the whole timeline of your relationship. From just a group of random people to actual friends to make each other’s time better. This can of course be achieved by having great, friendly sex. This is the way to go for male and female relationships, and it shouldn’t be ignored!

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She offers a wide variety of sex positions – from the average cowgirl and doggy style to the positions that you have yet to imagine. With the young spirit inside her body, our ticking sex bomb is going to try to please you from every angle. If you are into that, then, of course, my brother, you will be put in another orbit of pleasure. Her mind-blowing sex skills have come from years and years of porn consumption when Molly was insanely horny. Her daily intake of POV VR porn has resulted in her insane ability to reproduce those scenes with men she had her first intercourse with. This absolute goddess has never failed to make a man cum inside her so that also shows off her kinky side. What would she do without sex in her life? I have no idea, but I guess that Molly would probably go crazy, and we would have to close her up In some kind of asylum. It is rare to have such a big sex drive, but that girl is blessed or cursed with one of the strongest ones.

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Just imagine yourself being in a relationship with this twenty – one-year-old beauty. What an amazing life that would be. You would be in your sexual prime and the amount of happiness that would come from having such a young person around could change your life. Not only could you feel younger, but also have more will to live and the power to act in life. This angel is a perfect person for that. With her emotional personality, she would comfort you in the hard times, while also supporting you in the better ones. But the most important part is the sex life that this beauty would provide you with – the unending sex party between you and her. Imagine being able to perform Hardcore VR but in real life, every day, until your cock dies of old age. An intense life filled with great sex is the actual key to success and long–lasting happiness. Molly is the recipe for living your life on a high level. So, I guess that you are losing your time here instead of banging this chick and cumming, right?

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