May Thai

May Thai

Gender: Female
City and Country: Prague, CZ
Birth Place: Trieste, Thailand
Height: 5 ft 3 in / 160 cm
Weight: 115 lbs / 52 kg

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When one realizes one’s life is finite, then… the inevitable conclusion naturally arises - the only thing we have and will ever have throughout our existence is the present moment. In the end, think about it for a second - will there ever be anything different than that? In the future, you will still be yourself with all the tangled emotions, unfulfilled desires and so on. Nothing will change. It won’t disappear, as your ego makes you believe. Nah, honey, don’t be naive. Therefore, here is the question of vital importance - why wouldn’t we avail ourselves of this piece of information, huh? Instead of sulking in the room alone, go and have fun inside May Thai’s handy VR clips. Rejoice every second; make it exceptional and memorable. Under no circumstances should we postpone it for later - after all, what does the “later” mean if not another present moment? If you make deferring pleasure a habit, then the time to live your life the best way possible will never come. Only “later” will come. Nah, we cannot allow you to do so. Not when babes such as May Thai are on duty. Here is the remedy - VR massage. Wanna come and try it?

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