Jewelz Blu

Jewelz Blu

Gender: Female
City and Country: German
Age: 29 years
Date of Birth: Sept. 21, 1994
Birth Place: German
Height: 5 ft 6 in / 168 cm
Weight: 110 lbs / 50 kg
Eyes color: Blue
Hair color: Brunette
Fake Boobs: Yes

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Just imagine the following that this blue-haired angel has. After her first performances in the Shaved Pussy VR network, loads of watchers took an interest in her as a person. Not only was she an interesting one to appear online, but she also had a crazily beautiful pussy. This gorgeous girl has one of the prettiest coochies in the game. It is symmetrical, cute, and just a pleasure to watch. I didn’t even start talking about how nice it looks while being fucked, but that is not the most important thing here. If you decide to watch Jewelz in action, then focus on that part of her body. Although her tits, feet, and even hips are stunning, nothing compares to the unavoidable tempting feeling, which comes and infects the mind of her watchers after seeing her pussy. It just begs to be fucked, so you have to help her fill that need. You will not regret that decision, as its tightness will make your dick feel just as if it was hugged. Like the walls in the ancient Egyptian trap, your cock will feel the constant pressure on itself.

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It may sound strange, but this will probably cure that void that has grown inside you for years. How? Don’t ask me, ask our stunning cutie. She has the power to help with all sorts of mental issues without being any kind of specialist. Our babe knows only sex therapy. Rules of this kind of help are simple, you get to have sex with her, and she will do anything to make you climax in the most intense way imaginable. Her Doggy Style VR skills are bringing fear upon medieval villages, who would probably consider this blue–haired baby a witch. Indeed, she may be one of them, but that will only result in you having better sex and her cumming with the more audible vocals. If you like girls who are not silent in bed, then Jewelz will surely say a lot of things to you. From some insults at the beginning to the actual begging for more of your meat. You will love how she screams out of pleasure or says your name while being in the most intense moment of your sex.

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