Haley Spades

Haley Spades

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States of America
Age: 25 years
Date of Birth: Sept. 23, 1998
Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Height: 4 ft 8 in / 142 cm
Weight: 95 lbs / 43 kg
Eyes color: Blue
Hair color: Blond
Piercing: Navel
Tattoo: Right shoulder: two flowers, left shoulder: face of a cat

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It’s good to know something about a person you are having a sweet time with. Having sex with a stranger has its charm but when one does it regularly it might start to feel a little empty. Here, you have a chance to realize another not-so-dirty fantasy. Give your hand a rest (or no, it’s up to you then) and indulge in this fascinating story. After the reading, you will get back to your favorite American VR video, don’t worry. This tale starts in… Well, bed. But it’s not what you are thinking you perv! She just went to sleep after a long and stressful day at a corporate job. You see, our hottie wasn't so happy at that time. Haley was successful, had friends, and a fresh new apartment was always waiting for her after a workday. Something was missing though. Something very basic and natural, but she just couldn’t figure it out. When our babe came back home, she was exhausted. It felt that life was too hard for her. She dragged her tired but shapely body to the bedroom and fell face down on the linen.

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The girl opened her eyes. City noise reached her cute ears. But something was off. She was lying on the ground but there was no pavement. It was strange. When she got up, the babe noticed something. Haley was standing in the middle of some medieval village! “No way, I must be dreaming!” - she said. “Am I dreaming?” - the babe asked with hesitation. Even if it was a dream it seemed very real. She got terrified because in the medieval there was no way to watch reverse cowgirl VR porn. The Hottie regained her composure and went to the nearest lady villager. “Excuse me, what year is it?” - she asked. “How could I know? Even if I knew I wouldn’t tell ye cuz I can’t read anyway” - the villager said and went away. “What should I do?” - Haley asked aloud. Some short guy answered: “You should go to the West Wind tavern. There, you shall find the answers you need”. Left without a choice, the girl listened to the stranger. The thought of an English speech VR clip passed her mind, but she ignored it.

Future Haley Spades VR pornstar wasn’t even aware that she was dreaming. But the answers to her problems were hidden within this realm

Our hottie went inside the tavern. The innkeeper looked at her suspiciously. “What do ye need, sweetie?” - he asked. The hottie wanted just one beer. Then, a Christian monk approached her. “I still wonder why I have taken the vow of celibacy.” - he stated. “It was the worst decision of my life”. “Why are you telling me this?” - Haley was surprised. She didn’t know exactly why, but the family role play VR scene went through her mind. “I’m not in chastity” - our babe tried to defend herself. But there is no match for one’s own subconscious psyche. “Yes you are” - the monk nodded and smiled. “If not, then why are you not touching yourself?”. These words reverberated in her head. The echo kept getting stronger and stronger until she woke up. Hottie was again lying on her bed in her modern apartment. She started to wonder whether to do it or not. As Haley kept thinking it seemed that nature had already decided what was best for her. Her panties were dripping wet. With a little hesitation, the babe slipped her delicate hand down there. Then she started to gently extract sensation from her unused instrument of delight. The moment she watched the first minute of her favorite stepmom VR clip she climaxed like an Indian goddess.

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On the next day, she felt noticeably better. Haley couldn't believe how much one orgasm had given her. Therefore it was clear that it was indeed the missing puzzle in our babe’s life. But she had to go for work so there was no time for a philosophical line of thinking. At her corporate job, co-workers started to wonder why our hottie was so excited and happy about the smallest things. She didn’t hide her innocent secret. “I indulge in some POV VR porn whenever I feel like it” - Haley replied each time someone asked about her unusually good mood. The boss started to suspect something. He asked her to show up at his office. Inside he wanted to know the reason for her anomalous behavior. Again, our babe answered with willingness. The man sighed and said: “Well, I have been a huge fan of those clips myself. But, you see I also like to do things my way. Would you like to shoot some missionary VR erotic film?” The hottie was thrilled. She nodded in acceptance and the boss took his pants down.

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After our girl cleaned a massive load of cum from her face, the boss gave her a promotion. He also promised to send the video to the RealJam. Shortly after the girl quit her job to become a full-time pornstar. What else could I say? You know the rest of the story - Haley became especially known for her group VR scenes. Now the babe’s natural tits and round ass are within your reach. You are a lucky guy, my friend. Remember that for our girl those videos are a great opportunity to not only enjoy herself but also to express her creativity. That’s why I doubt that there could be something even remotely close to the things you can experience with our hottie here. Don’t waste your time anymore because you already know the backstory of this babe. Now it’s a pleasure time so jerk off to those threesome VR clips right away!

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