Gabbie Carter

Gabbie Carter

Gender: Female
City and Country: Austin, Texas, USA
Age: 23 years
Date of Birth: Aug. 4, 2000
Birth Place: Austin, Texas, USA
Height: 5 ft 7 in / 170 cm
Weight: 121 lbs / 55 kg

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Sometimes, one needs to touch rock bottom to realize one’s true call. That was the case with our Gabbie. As a young girl she always felt a strange desire for God, and to make the world a better place to live in general. The first thing this babe did when she turned eighteen was to become a nun. In the beginning, our future brunette VR porn chick was thrilled to pursue the creator. But during the long hours spent in prayer, her carnal cravings came to light. She just couldn’t resist pleasuring herself during the time that should have been used for religious activities. Somewhere deep within she intuitively knew that there was nothing wrong with her sexual desire, but she quickly rejected the comforting idea. Because of that fact, our hottie started to suffer enormously. No one should have blamed her - it is very hard to control oneself when it comes to hardcore VR videos, as we all know very well. Unfortunately, people tend to be jealous of one’s delight. One of the sisters caught her red-handed while masturbating with a crucifix. Our babe was expelled from the sisterhood to her great disappointment.

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Our hottie was depressed and humiliated. It felt that she had betrayed her Lord. Great emptiness consumed her heart and nothing was enough to fill it back. Gabbie even made a painful promise that she will never indulge in anal VR porn never again. It was a bad decision, of course. Her psyche was becoming more and more discouraged with every day of sexual abstention. As a result, our hottie indeed touched the rock bottom. But sometimes one needs to touch the rock bottom to bounce back. After a long break, she joined her palms in prayer. Tears of devotion rolled on her sweet cheeks. With intense emotion, Gabbie asked: “My lord, what should I do? I lost the battle with my body in the past, and now I don’t know if I have the power to resist any longer…”. To her surprise, the deep but gentle voice replied: “There is no need to fight with your cravings, my beloved child. In fact, my will for you has always been to explore your senses, not to deny them”. The relieved girl cried in gratitude. Immediately, she took the chance and experienced her first full-body orgasm.

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Her wish had been granted - now it was clear what to do next. Babe started with simple amateur videos. The amount of feedback and support received was enough to make it clear that it was the right path for her. She didn’t make lots of money at first, but it never was her goal in the first place. Gabbie wanted to give joy to the world and share the body which was one of God’s finest creations. I think anyone could agree that watching Gabbie reverse cowgirl VR serves this purpose outstandingly well. Her popularity kept on growing with high momentum. Here, we came to play. After I thoroughly checked out her content, I was more than certain that RealJam was a perfect place for her. I will never forget the day when this girl went to our studio. Her round boobs bounced with every step that our goddess took. Without much talk, she signed the contract. On that day, we also had to shoot a scene or two, so our Babe joined in without the need to ask. When she started her magic I came into my pants so fast… I didn’t even require anything besides visual stimulation. That’s also the day when we made her first POV VR video.

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Some stories make one just smile in silent appreciation. Gabbie devoted her life not only to the Lord - she devoted it to horny guys like you and me. I just can’t express how happy I am for her. The fact that I can jerk off to that beauty anytime I want, makes me hard even at this moment. It’s not just about the obvious outside beauty, it’s also about her personality. Our hottie does charity in her free time and supports many ecological movements and organizations. She follows her passion and dream, it's exactly what I said, she successfully keeps making the world a better place. Watching her doggy style VR porn is just a nice cherry on top. It’s a topping of the tastiest dessert that she is. There’s something for everyone in this inspiring story. Some may learn that life can turn unexpectedly good, even though it didn’t seem like that. Others will learn the importance of religion in personal development, and others will just cum like the happiest person on earth.

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Porn is healthy, necessary and it feels AMAZING! I can’t stress this enough - whenever I get the chance I share with others how much I masturbate. Well, some may find it humiliating, but I have never perceived it that way though. I pleasure myself seven times a day and I am fucking proud of it. Come at me (I’m fine with it if you wish). I simply don't care what people think. Let the whole world go to hell. If hell is full of cosplay VR porn, then I wish humanity experiences that. You won’t believe how nice our Gabbie will make you feel. Her innocent gestures, elegance, smile, juicy ass… The list goes on and on. Oh my god, you’ve kept on reading this? Don’t you have some important tasks at HAND? Don’t you crave her wet pussy on your throbbing dick? Give it a chance, do whatever it takes to become a better and happier version of yourself. And believe me, dude, this chick will be a great help in that. Since I started jacking off regularly, I became a more loving and caring husband. Don’t believe me? Try it, you won’t regret it. Note that some of her videos are interactive VR porn. I thought that you should be aware of that.

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