Chloe Surreal

Chloe Surreal

Gender: Female
City and Country: United States of America
Age: 25 years
Date of Birth: Nov. 22, 1998
Birth Place: United States of America
Height: 5 ft 2 in / 157 cm
Weight: 139 lbs / 63 kg
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Blond

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Why would you keep worrying about stuff anymore? This kitten can take the burden of thinking off your shoulders with nothing but her smile. And if you ask her for something more than that... Well, in doggy style VR porn everything is possible, right? As far as RealJamVR is concerned, the sky is the limit. In the end, you came here to chill out, not to think about mortgage or other stuff. Chloe Surreal will gladly guide you through the world of passion and voluptuosity. Let me warn you, though. As soon as you enter it, there will be no going back. Likewise, Friedrich Douglas in his memoir mentioned how he regretted acquiring the ability to read and write since it made him even more aware of the appaling plight that he found himself in. Needless to say, the same will happen to you - if you savour what the paradise tastes like, going back to mediocrity will be out of the question.

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Yes, life might be tough sometimes. It certainly was like that for our lovely Chloe at some point. You see - even being born a gorgeous hottie isn’t enough for happiness. Alexander Dumas wrote the following words in The Count of Monte Christo: „Happiness is like those palaces in fairytales whose gates are guarded by dragons: We must fight in order to conquer it”. The same happened in this scenario. To fulfil her dreams and star one day in boobs VR porn videos on RealJamVR, Chloe Surreal had to overcome a plethora of hindrances first. You can’t imagine how many cocks she had to suck before arriving here. Of course, she enjoyed her journey tremendously but learning the art of fellatio was by no means as easy as it might sound.

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Not many of them get a chance, though. Just think about it for a second. How many folks have access to virtual reality headsets, not to mention sites like RealJamVR? Unfortunately, not too many. However - you, my lad, count to the other category. As I have already mentioned before, Chloe Surreal has been brushing up on her „oral” skills from very early on. High school was particularly intense for her. Not due to studying, though. One might say that Chloe didn’t rank among the most diligent students. No wonder - someone had to help stressed students release the tension in the bathroom, right? These were her beginnings - at that point she could only dream about being a star of butts VR porn videos, nonetheless - you know what they say - you have to aim high. So, she kept working. Day after day, day after day, day after... Till, finally...

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I can’t imagine how poignant a young lad must feel if he doesn’t deliver his promise of banging Chloe Surreal at the end of the day. Recently I have stumbled upon the following quote and I consider citing it here the most adequate. It goes like that:
„Women inspire us with a desire to do masterpieces, but always prevent us from carrying them out” - as soon as you come across POV VR porn with Chloe Surreal you will feel the depth of these words even more. No wonder, though - Chloe is like a Greek Muse, inspiring you to create great things and say noble words. Once she’s out of your life, though... It becomes mundane once again. Thus, if I were you, under no circumstances would I allow it to occur. Enjoy yourself!

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