Briana Banderas

Briana Banderas

Gender: Female
City and Country: Russia
Age: 27 years
Date of Birth: Dec. 25, 1996
Birth Place: Moscow, Russian Federation
Height: 5 ft 8 in / 172 cm
Weight: 121 lbs / 55 kg
Eyes color: Green
Hair color: Blond
Fake Boobs: Yes

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Those words were once said by our well-known film director Mr. Thomas Banger, who even mentioned how Briana enhanced his daily jerk-off session with her outstanding behavior on the set. In his biography, he also included a bit of his obsession with this actress, adding a special page with all the necessary information included – just like her height and date of birth. Yet what was the most important to Thomas, was Briana’s role in Interactive VR porn, and the key aspect to his daily routine, where, with his googles on, he’d fuck a among us plushie, which he bought on one of the contraband Chinese marketplaces, while scouting for new Japanese babes and that is not everything that he wrote in that book… We will keep some of those thoughts for ourselves.

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Yet. But why would people say that this young, twenty-six-year-old cutie be a milf? That is because of her unique body, which is curvy like an average road in the Himalayan mountain range, which most of the drivers avoid, because of safety reasons. Those angles, shapes and electrifying green eyes, often come up in her fans’ dreams, just after one single session with her videos. Blonde VR porn just hits differently, and Briana is the sole reason for this effect. Talking about her eyes, she inherited a lot of Russian beauty standards, and is not afraid to show it off!! Just enter her profile site and you will know what I’m talking about. This tall girl will get what she wants every time, purely because of the sex appeal she has within her bodily movements. You would not be able to resist her exquisite body. Such a splendid babe.

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After talking to her in one of the interviews, my colleague told me a story about one time she had to perform on the highest floor of the Trump Tower. Arriving there just one day after receiving an offer, she showed herself off as one of the bravest girls in the industry. Not only was she able to film a stunning promotional video, but also, she stole the hearts of many people who were taking part in that event. Just to be clear, this happened more than two years ago, and just imagine how her hardcore VR porn videos had to improve with so much time to work on them. Honestly, there is only one way to check that out, just go and wank to her mind-blowing and gut-wrenching, sexy ass. Be sure not to get lost in your imagination, when she drills throughout your daily dirty thoughts, but beware it is not easy.

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Just by the way she moves and dances on the flabbergasting cocks in her videos, she inflicts a strange spell on every viewer. As she states, it is probably due to the harsh conditions of life in Moscow and all those freezing winters. But fear not, those temperatures made her very agile and resilient to all hard positions. Her charm, forged in the snowy, foggy days makes every cock stiffer than a tank’s barrel. What she also acquired during her upbringing in Russia is a love for Family role play VR porn and it is easy to spot in the way she lets her partners treat her and spoil her with intense like a mixture of Odin’s thunderstorm and Russian blizzards cum shots. She is simply stunning and her lightweight, 55-kilogram body deals supremely well with every cock she has to tame. What helps her even more with taming those beasts is her unusual height – standing at 172 centimeters, she is ready to teach you how to behave around tall girls.

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