Featuring: Katy Rose
26:55 min
   December 28, 2018,
Katy likes to workout in her apartment building's gym. This afternoon she went down to work out and was happy to see nobody else was there. With the place to herself, the petite hottie got naked and had fun stretching, bouncing on an exercise ball, and doing naked yoga. A guy from the building came down and saw her. Instead of getting mad, he pulled his big cock out. Katy didn't hesitate, she crawled over to him, gave him head, then she stood up, bent over, and let him pull her long, red hair as he fucked her from behind. Putting her on her back, he squeezed her small tits and fucked her shaved pussy so good she couldn't hold out and came like wildfire on his cock. When it was his turn to cum, she jerked him off right into her mouth. This dirty girl even let him piss on her face and tits!
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