Featuring: Angelika Grays
13:40 min
   January 10, 2017,
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Leggy blonde Sabrina Delight walks into the bedroom in a short skirt and tied up top that shows off her flat belly. Her skirt is so short when she bends over her ass peeks out from underneath. She sits down on the bed and unbuttons her shirt, showing off her small, perky tits. Next to go is the skirt that she wiggles out of. Last off are the panties. She steps out of them, showing off her flawless ass and shaved pussy. While bending over she reaches back and rubs her pussy from behind. Sebrina climbs up onto the bed, sits down and spreads her legs and she runs her hands all over her tight, fit body. She lets one hand fall to her pussy where she starts off by slowly rubbing her clit and slipping her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her nipples get hard and she makes some very sexy eye contact as she cums then she relaxes on the bed and enjoys the afterglow.
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