Yes, Boss...I'm Your New Assistant!

Dec. 24, 2023
60 FPS
Starring: Sinatra Monroe
Sinatra Monroe rushed into my office, thinking that she had the job. She said she was ready to start, and this is why she put on the best outfit in her wardrobe. She was amazed to find out she wouldn’t get the job. First, Sinatra Monroe was feeling angry, then she got frustrated, and finally, she started convincing me to take her as my assistant in exchange for extra work hours and something special and spicy that only she could give me. Well, this is exactly what I wanted to hear from the stunning Sinatra Monroe. She teased me with her juicy body, got rid of her tight outfit, gave me a deep blowjob, climbed on my table, and opened her sweet pussy for a POV action. I loved watching her boobs bounce, but I had to check her readiness to do everything I told her. So, I told her to turn around and to take a doggy style position, which was changed by a cowgirl sex ride later. Finally, when I cummed right into her smiling face, I told Sinatra Monroe that she had the job. After all, how could I say no to such a hard-working assistant?

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