Stepsister's Surprising Massage Request

June 9, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Alexis James
My curious Stepsister Alexis James adores snooping into other people’s lives and gathering gossip. She says it’s her way to stay informed and ready for everything. Anyway, she found out I’ve been watching educational videos for some time, hoping to improve my massage-giving skills. Alexis James VR miracle loves enjoying a Massage occasionally but doesn’t like paying for it, so she came up to me saying she desperately needed to get her body rubbed. She took off her clothes completely because, as she confessed, she wasn’t feeling shy when undressing in front of me. After all, I was her stepbrother. This became the last drop for me because I craved watching her naked body and caressing every inch of it. Sure, I couldn’t hold back from exploring her ass and pussy and that was a signal for naughty Alexis James. She turned around and gave me a deep and passionate blowjob while caressing my balls. Then she opened her ass and told me she was ready for a deep Anal massage. She didn’t have to say a word because my dick was ready to satisfy her every desire already.

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