Sexy Student and Tutor

Aug. 8, 2021
60 FPS
Starring: Paris White

A cute student wants to learn math with you. Show her how it's done in our Paris White VR clip

We all know that there is something extremely seductive in a schoolgirl's uniform. Those short skirts and tight stockings awake even the most desensitized cock. One of those hotties needs your great tutoring skills. Will you be Paris's mentor in our interactive VR porn? So you both went to a room and you were about to give her your big life lesson. On top of that, the cutie had a small dirty secret. In the beginning, she was hesitant to confess, but her wet panties already started to reveal that. The brave young lady took the risk - she showed everything to you. The clothes suggestively slipped off. The beauty stood there completely naked making you appreciate her feminine hills and valleys. No wonder that a VR shaved pussy gave you wood.

We don't know if the hottie understood the maths correctly but you made sure she remembered this private class for the rest of her life. All caught on camera in the Paris White VR video!

Your pupil is horny - what will you do? You can always ask our chick to play with herself in the toilet, alone. Or, you can punish her by spanking that ass. The choice is yours. There's another thing you could do for our teen VR girl. You could offer her your ferocious dick. Aroused student received your gift with gratitude and enchantment. She moaned when you were teaching adding and Paris climaxed when you showed her how to multiply. It seems that you haven't found yourself some typical random babe but one with an honest passion for lovemaking. It's time to cum like a garden hose - fulfill your mission as a teacher while in missionary VR posture.

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