RealJamCasting: Blake Blossom

Nov. 26, 2020
60 FPS
Starring: Blake Blossom

In this Blake Blossom VR porn video, you will get to know how this hottie entered her favorite industry ever.

There are girls and Girls with a capital G. Blake is the latter one. This blonde and curvy babe was always craving the dick and the taste of semen. Today was a standard day for her when she kneeled before you and decided to beg for a taste of your dick. With visible haste, you took off your pants and showed this cutie what big actually means. Having a chance to see the most vulnerable parts of her body, while being blown at the same time was indeed the best moment of your life. Blake is going to continue giving you new great memories all the time. So, make sure to invite this Titty Fuck VR porn actress to have more sex with you. Banging boobies is the best thing that could have ever happened to a guy like you.

Having a chance to perform in a Blake Blossom VR porn scene, what would your position of choice be?

As we mentioned before, there would be a place for a great, deep blowjob and for some of that boobie pounding. But, taking away those two options, what would you choose? Would that be a Doggy Style VR party or maybe more of a missionary freestyle? We all love the second one because seeing our girl with a sexy face is the best thing to happen. However, I advise you to choose the first option. Back-boning sexy cuties always works the best. The tip of your cock always strikes the deepest, and girls are the loudest. What would you ever need from sex other than that. Oh, I know – cumming inside her without any protection! That is also on the menu today.

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