Medical Examination

Jan. 30, 2019
60 FPS
Starring: Gina Gerson

Interact with our Giva Gerson VR chick at the medical check-up!

We all know that health is important, especially when you are a smoking hot babe like our Giva is. Sometimes, one has to make sure that their body is in good condition. Being very horny at the doctor’s office is not a problem this time! The opposite: it’s necessary. Who could blame a beautiful girl for wanting to kill two birds with one stone? Note, that this is an interactive VR experience, so you’ve got a chance to unleash the dirty animal you hide inside. Find out what turns you on the most, with one of our sexiest girls. Explore your pleasure and the deepest corners of your subconscious mind. Make sure to perform your job thoroughly, we don’t want you to miss even the deepest parts of her shaved pussy. The well-being of this cute lady is in your hands!

Give Gerson VR star has never been more willing to offer her body to you.

Something that could be another boring day at work turned out to be a very wet surprise. You in time realized that Gina is already prepared for your fingers inside her, not just health-wise. In this POV VR video, you’ll make sure that our girl is doing good. Not only that - she’s willing to give something in return. The girl is known for her passionate blowjobs. God damn’t! Once in a while, I wish to have a job like you. It’s one of my fantasies… You lucky guy, don’t keep her waiting and check every corner of her neat body. Sure, unleash your inner demon - you’re the doctor, after all, so EVERYTHING is allowed. Satisfied customer will surely be back. Please, be a good boy and perform the needed medical duties. I’m sure you’re hiding a massive erection right now. Don’t you worry! Your cock will be an important instrument to measure how deep she is. So don’t waste your time anymore - go back to your job and be precise!

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